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Shopping time for Madam Ji

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A young foreigner lady married an Indian man and came to India, lived here forever.  In young age, she loved wearing Western outfits – long skirts and dresses, buying shahtoosh shawls and indulging in shopping sprees. But later due to political changes in her surroundings she took to Indian-nized dressing.

So Madamji as she is fondly called has really been busy in controlling, overpowering a party from outside as she puts it, until it all crumbled last month. The clan has been ousted sadly with poor numbers. However, Madamji is not to be blamed entirely, she has been shouldering a great responsibility at the expense of her leisures. The little birdie tells me that now that the plundering and looting is all done and not much is left to do nowadays she has been getting bored. She has not been keeping well too. The doctors have advised her to be happy and leave the political woes. She decides to return to her old love of shopping.

As advised by her son Rahul, one day, Madamji sat down to explore the raze of youngsters these days that is online shopping. He reiterated that she would enjoy and would love to do it all day. Nevertheless, she has also been inspired by the dressing sense of her son-in law who made fashion news recently for wearing pink pants. He is a regular at Page 3 parties too. However her own son puts on kurta pyajamas usually. She remembers that its been long that she had bought anything for her children and grandchildren too. First her health, the elections and then the saddening results had just not given her enough time to breathe properly. Now the loss in the elections has provided her with the much needed break.

There is another reason for exploring shopping sites. During the hay days, she hardly took steps to lessen poverty. Now with the powers gone, every member of her party is also affected with soaring prices. They are reaching out to her to take care of them. The growing frustration is there because now they have no means left to fool people, do scams and mint money. So they are telling her to guide them so that it may help them to save money for future.

Madam ji is all delighted because her secretary has told her about a shopping site (Baggout) which showcases great options for shopping and helps to get deals and cash back too.

She hits the link to explore more. She is happy doing it in the interest of  her and her party members.  She decides that if it works well, she can recommend them to her party members as well to follow her footsteps. Also designer sarees have been in her mind for long.  Her daughter Priyanka also loves them. And she thought when down-south Amma wears all designer stuff, then why can’t she buy some for  herself. Even the new PM had come to be known globally for his  designer style and taste.


Looking at Cash back and coupons, there was a gleam in her eyes. And she was happy that when her government was in power, the e commerce business had really shot up.  So many brands had come up in so less time and they were all really doing well. Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Indiatimes Shopping, Yepme, Zovi, Yebhi etc… not one but so many at one place. And the best part was each one had a deal to offer.



Soon, she hopped on to checking her favorite saris and grab some cash back too. It had been long that Priyanka and she had been stuck up in the political attires. Now was the time to try some designer and elegant stuff.

To avail the cashback, she really dint have to do much. Her secretary had already created an account for her that was essential and it was hassle free after that. The deals could be used just with a single click. She bought around 8-9 saris, and after days she felt happy like every woman feels after shopping.


Next day, Madam ji summoned an urgent meeting of all members of the party and told them about her new discovery. The cash back thing had really impressed her and it was a new way of saving money. She advised all her members to use it, tell their wifes, family members and friends.

Jai ho Madamji ki, they all hailed and returned home gleefully. Madamji was happy that though the party had lost in the elections but yet the reins of the party were still in her hands in control. She gave that smug smile! I am sure by this time you must have guessed who is this Madamji, the famous one.

This is my post for the Baggout blogging contest.

4 thoughts on “Shopping time for Madam Ji

  1. Manjulika..totally loove this you set it in the political situation for making it the shopping anthem. Madam-ji would be happy to read tis one:)

  2. Ha ha..I am sure Madam ji will love it…
    Thanks for appreciating my creative play around the shopping theme.

  3. Any links by which I can get some coupons for free shopping too… Manjulika? Khali ho to achha pastime hai, Shopping:)

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