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Venice will have the Smartest Traveler this year!!!

There is a glorious City in the Sea.
The Sea is in the broad, the narrow streets,
Ebbing and flowing; and the salt sea-weed
Clings to the marble of her palaces.
No track of men, no footsteps to and fro,
Lead to her gates. The path lies o’er the Sea,
Invisible; and from the land we went,
As to a floating City — steering in,
And gliding up her streets as in a dream…..

These are some of the lines from Samuel Rogers poem on Venice…

I am a die hard romantic person and I love the places that are about love. This year, in 2014,  my dream destination happens to be the most romantic place on Earth and that is Venice, the beauty of this city of Italy is  unrivaled and the entire city is one work of art. It has a magical blend of Renaissance, Byzantine, Gothic, and Baroque architecture. Last year, my friend had visited Venice and after hearing her first hand accounts, I have been dreaming to head to this fairytale land of canals and breathtaking architecture. She has been talking non stop about the romantic gondola rides and colorful palazzos non stop.

I have already been enamored by the beauty of Oslo, Paris and Zurich in real and thus I know its all so surreal and picturesque about these romantic places. I have felt happiest in these places. Its feels nothing less than awesome to experience the picture-perfect moments in romantic neighborhoods. Venice would be my heaven!!!

Thus VENICE has been on my mind for long now but there are many things to do before I head for my journey…Traveling involves expenses and thus planning the dates for travel and the budget are the two most important things to be done before taking any journey. But thats not it, there can be some very smart ways of making the best of any trip. It needs some time investment, smart attention to details, a well chalked out plan and ofcourse best use of technology.

I have already compared the flight rates by using Skyscanner app. In the left you can see they have a ‘get price alerts’ button which I have already enrolled for. It will sends me messages when the  season of best prices will arrive… Isn’t cool and smart of me?

As I slog at my workplace to earn money for my trip, the idea of future travel comes as a stress buster too. Whenever, I feel worked up due to stress, I start dreaming, lo and behold… I don’t day dream but also act smart… On the laptop, I make sticky notes for my next travel and it helps me to pep up when I feel low. I have collated some of the smartest tips as below…

In todays age, making right use of the power of Internet is the most smart thing to do.  I research all aspects of travel, stay, places to visit etc. So once you get the best pries, make sure you make the best search for accommodations. The listings are too many but the reviews must be analyzed properly…. more the merrier… Settle for something that is comfortable, clean, cost effective and not something fanciful.

When the dates of travel, tickets, visa, accommodation are all sorted, its time to shout joyfully!!! Yippie… Get packing.. As the boys always say that the girls have loads to carry, just prove them wrong. Every time I carry less than the previous time because I always bring back some stuff unused… therefore pack what is of utmost need and leave the rest… When you are going for utmost rejoice, leave the glamor behind… let it happen naturally.

Always carry easy clothes.. Somehow I have come to believe that jeans are too heavy. One can be worn and its more than enough. Otherwise one must carry light pants and skirts, dresses. For summers synthetics tops do good. And I don’t carry anything expensive so that I do not regret losing any.

Hit out the streets and explore the local markets. They are the smartest way of knowing the people and food. Also I always prefer to read from local sites.

Hope you enjoyed my sticky Notes…. I am sure these smart tips will come useful for me and others also.

Picture: Google and Traveling tips have been picked from bloggers

Thankful to the blog for the picture and first hand account of Venice.

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