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14 of Delhi’s restaurants came together for a Burger Face-off

Burger Face Off was an EAT TREAT initiative

With this post, I am going to talk all about burgers! Come lets Go Hungry!!!

 My reasons for loving the yummy patty, topped with veggies, laced with interesting mayonnaise, fitted between the buns is that its absolutely filling, comforting, and delighting to my taste buds and pockets both. I like it more because its meaty, its uncomplicated, doesn’t require too much of cutlery and can be relished casually in hand-held way. In fact let me tell you eating meat along with bun came into existence because it allowed people to raid and eat on the go.

Honestly, since Mum Dad made me friends with Mc. Donalds Uncle, I have been in love with burgers. As KFC rose in competition, I was happy to know a new place for my chicken burger cravings. Gradually when I visited countries outside India, I found the international menus of Burger King’s and Wimpy’s interesting too. Each of these brands have been spinning around unique burgers and their experimentation with accoutrements has kept them going.  But now its not  just about the international fast food chains, burger’s Indian cousins are also geared up to become popular variants.

When the below invite popped up in my inbox, I was sure I wanted to go for this one as I am a big foodie. Eat Treat Burger Face Off sounded yummy and scrumptious to me. Delhi’s fourteen most celebrated restaurants were coming together to serve lip smacking burgers and I couldn’t miss the chance to grab a bite or two.


Yummy Invite in my Inbox



 I reached Tivoli Gardens at 8 p.m. It was a chilly winter evening on 19th December but also a friday food fiesta day that offered some really good burgers in combination with beverages. The stalls were in place, the chefs were already playing up their sleeves, the judges were seated to do the blind tasting and the food lovers were walking around, checking out the stalls, rolling their eyes to choose from the sliders. The Liverpool Terminal at Tivoli looked lively with this gastronomic burger fair which saw participation from the best of best- Hard Rock Cafe, Amici, Fat Burger, Fork You, Smokeys, The Hungry Monkey, Monkey Bar, Double Roti, Depot 29, Terminus , Joint! Cafe, Cafe Delhi Heights and Holy Smoke.


I visited each and every stall. Unique things about each of them caught my interest. Some of their menus boasted of attractive names, some came with great plating ideas, Terminus 1 displayed a delicious sweet dish and had beautiful Terminus match stick boxes to offer, Depot 29 was beautifully lit up at one corner and Double Roti offered an illegal burger. I wondered how would I eat so many but there were sliders that came to my rescue. Thus, one could taste more than one burger but ofcourse not all.

Sliders are small burgers, lesser in portions at small prices because this helps visitors to try out more than one from different stalls.



I found this event interesting because it helped me choose and pick from a wide variety. It also helped me to see the preparations of the burgers, the popular menus and the best burger offerings from each of these restaurants. Such events can be fun with friends and families. There was a group of four friends with whom I shared the table and I saw they had great fun eating and tasting from each other’s plates. In total they had taken four burgers from different outlets and each one tasted all four.

As a blogger I had an invitation to the event and thus I got food coupons from Eat Treat.  I made use of them to taste a slider at Delhi Heights, ate a chunky chicken burger from Smokeys and later bought two Fat Burgers for my parents. The burger from Smokeys was more than filling and I truly relished it.

Chunky Chicken from Smokeys

The judges of the event included the likes of food experts, food critics, Editor of NDTV cooks, Food Consultant etc. They were seated in the lawn on an elevated platform. A score board close to them told us that a tight face-off was  I wonder how many burgers each one had but I am sure it would have been a fun experience.


I bought these for people at home

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  1. I feel no other burger can be compared to Burger king. I dont know about delhi but the franchise has been opened at Mumbai.
    Burger king mumbai is my personal favorite place for hogging.

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