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The Voice Off Karaoke Challenge UAE Season II in Dubai

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This is for everyone who is in Dubai right now. This is definitely for those who love to croon and sing their heart out. This is indeed the biggest Karaoke challenge of UAE that everyone is talking about. Dubai is close to my heart and while I am writing this blog post I am already feeling nostalgic around my most recent visit to Dubai in February.  I love the Emirate, not because I have lived there for like two months but also because I have some great friends there. The fun lies in the fact that they run an events management company (AND events) and thus they organize big events for brands. Thus, whenever I am there no one can deny my privilege of attending some of the grand events. The memories from the last one in Palm Jumeirah are still fresh in my mind.


Karaoke Challenge


The latest from them is ‘The Voice Off Karaoke Challenge UAE Season II’ in Dubai. I am super excited for this one because this is not just being managed by them but it is also conceptualized by them. I am super proud about it and I really want this event to create musical storm in Dubai. The last season was a great hit but this time it expected to be bigger. So if you have your friends who possess singing voice or have always wished for, just tell them about this event. I bet they will love the experience of singing and aiming for the super prizes worth 20000 AED. The registrations are already on and the first audition is taking place today at  Mirchi @ Ramee Royal Hotel at 5:30pm. Well, its yet not over for you because the next auditions will take place on 29th and 30th April. For more, go here!


This is for your inspiration!!!



What is Karaoke?


In literal sense, Karaoke means to sing along with a recorded music. Lyrics are displayed on a video screen and one has to keep up with the original beat of the song. Singing definitely helps you to de-stress. More so, Karaoke was introduced in public or private gatherings to make people enjoy and loosen up after their drinks. I would say it is quite an entertaining form of singing. It is also for those who may not be born with great singing capabilities but still love singing. Just like the rules go, the competition isn’t too complicated.  Register, go for the auditions and find out what does this ‘Voice Off’ really holds for you.


Some tips!


These events are a boon to the singers and of course your singing talent can create wonders. So if you are one of those who has a good voice but is not very comfortable singing in front of others, I must give you five tips to crack through this Karaoke challenge.


  1. Choose your favorite song, the song that you love to hum, the one with which you connect emotionally and the one which you can handle comfortably.
  2. One really doesn’t have get into the mechanics and dynamics of singing. Just keep control of the lyrics, notes and the pitch, rest will be fine.
  3. Feel the song and let your body sync in with the rhythm. The more you will enjoy your singing, the more it will help you to connect with the audience.
  4.  Don’t fear what others have to say. Just sing for the love of singing.
  5. Don’t go unprepared. Know the lyrics of the song. Practice well at home. Work on your weak points. The final result will come out to be really good.


Happy Singing….

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