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I just made some Zenlooks


Do the catwalk with your phone. Asus is giving a chance to create Zenlooks. Go for it. I just created some back cover designs and my looks inspired by the Zenphone.


Asus Zenphone has always been a fashionable smartphone and now its adding more to the fun. Asus is giving us a chance to create looks for the back cover. Its time to do the catwalk with the most stylish and the smartest accessory.  So no more the fashionistas will have to go looking out for the matching clutch or a bag, the gizmo in your hand will complement you as per your dress and style. To the guys, it will add to the cool and funky look.

How do we make our Catwalk Design?

Go to the page here.

Click on ‘Get Started’

Add an ‘Image’ from your pictures folder or your picture closet on the laptop

Make the edits, re-size it and take your design to a new level.


Asus Zenphone, Zenlooks, Catwalk with my phone


The Next step is way too simple. 


Asus Zen look, Travel look,Crate a look for your phone


It may not be about your dress, it could be about your work or hobby. I just made a few designs with travel in my mind because thats my favorite thing. The highlight of last month was my trip with Uttar Pradesh tourism and there I captured people clicking the Taj Mahal, the most beautiful monument of our country. Travel is perfectly related with photography. And this capture is very special to me because the moment visitors get the first glimpse of Taj Mahal, the smartphones and cameras are instantly pulled out. I want it as a real back cover design.





Here are my looks inspired by the phones and their back cover.  



Manjulika Zenlook



Zenlook in blue











What do you win?


The contest is inviting Asus fans to create innumerable back cover designs and a ZenFone 2 is to be won every week! Some of the designs will be created in real too.  I am really looking forward to win this. Go and upload your designs too and let me know if you win.


Happy Blogging!!

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