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Mum, you must be pampered!

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My list of demands are endless,
Your love and care is bottomless,
I am the one who often acts restless and careless,
You just do everything for me, seamless and selfless!

Maa, I want this for breakfast and that for lunch,
Maa, please wake me up right at seven, I am living on time crunch.
Maa, Is my yellow shirt dry and ironed?
Maa, I have to impress my boss’s wife, please help me to make this end to end!

Mum, everyday you do everything for me in laughter and pain,
With no fuss, with no reminder and absolutely no complain,
You have never said and I bet you will ever say you are in stress,
Thus, I wish to pamper you with the best, nothing less.

From being a child to teen to adulthood to a married woman,
I have always looked up to you as my rockstar super-woman,
Even on the days when you are ill or feeling low,
You have always been ready with the best breakfast, lunch and dinner in a row.

Maa, you are the best Mum because you drive me to my friends place,
Maa, you rock because you look after my room and my cup-board space,
Maa, you are my fairy-queen because you buy me shoes and clothes too,
Maa, for all your love and pamper, I can never do enough to woo.

When I was a girl, to keep them healthy you oiled my hair layer by layer,
One complain of headache and you massaged my head with utmost care.
Your touch, your hands always always feel so soothing and comforting,
I am your daughter and I wish to do the same to make you feel amazing.

This morning when you woke up to a headache,
I remember I acted mean as I was only bothered about my banana shake,
Your smiles make my day and  I do not like the frowns appearing on your visage,
I promise I love you much more and I want to pamper you with a soothing aromatherapy massage.

Maa, may you always be my strength and my power,
Maa, I can’t be and I am nothing without your love and your shower,
Maa, may you be fit and energetic always, for this you must slow-down and take some rest,
Maa, you always think about me but on some of the days its my turn to do the best.


“I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.”

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