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Yummy and interestingly packed LunchBox just for you!

I often see mommies crib that their kiddos return without eating their packed food which mummy dears pack lovingly. Gladly my Mumma never had issues with me . She tells me that I was a no fuss kid and one of those rare kindergarten student who always returned with a clean, empty box.  I guess I did this because I was a born foodie. And my Mum is an amazing cook (All Mums are). Everyday she would give me an interesting lunch box and I would happily devour it.   🙂

I have fond memories in connection with my school Lunch Box. My friends would bribe me with canteen food in exchange of the Aloo-parathas, Spinach sandwiches and ladyfinger vegetable made by her. Back home I would announce these stories to her and she would feel flattered. Next morning I would get a fatter lunch box for my friends too.  She never packed me Maggi, chowmein, idli or pav bhaji. My  friends from other states brought these delicacies sometimes and only on those days I would agree to give them my lunch and they would happily agree to the deal. Even today when we meet in the school reunions, we often discuss the tasty lunches that we have shared and what our Mums cooked best.  

Pampering a child so that he/she finishes the food and a husband with an inviting lunch box isn’t an easy task. Now that I am married I know the reality how much effort goes in packing a luncheon.  The kid tantrums is yet to be seen but my husband is no less when it comes to food.  More, he is concerned with its presentation too. He often says, the deliciousness of food is definitely prime but the packaging, presentation of it is also important . A wonderfully cooked food if packed untidily spoils the taste. Thus I ensure that I pack him a pretty looking lunch box.   😉

Honestly, I don’t cook much but I pack it smartly. I believe there goes an art in it. From choosing the right sized bowls for each item to preventing them leaking and spilling of oils there is so much to see.  My maid does the making of dishes but the packing part is my forte. Also because hubby is fussy with the lunch box items, the way a curry dish has to be packed or a dry Aloo gobhi, the chapattis have to be folded in a proper way and the salad and chutney in a way that they don’t spill over, I pack it for him. With beautiful variety of storage boxes available in the market these days, its become easy to get all shapes and sizes in delightful colors too. Now, I love collecting different types of lunch boxes too. 

Lunch boxes help to connect people too. Hope you remember ‘The Lunchbox,’ the sweet movie that was our Indian entry to the British Academy Film Awards 2015 too. It has shown it so well that how two people who haven’t met each other connected over lunch box. In fact so many times when I eat my colleagues boxes, it makes me curious about the cooking hand behind it. Once I even called a friend’s wife to tell her that she had cooked delicious chicken biryani and sent over for his office friends. Since then we have been great friends. Sometimes I do request her for an extra box.  

This year, for V day we do not have great plans because my father in law is not keeping well and is in the hospital.  But to be honest, its never been eventful for us because for the last six years that I have known M and been married for half of it, as luck would have it we have never been in the same city on 14th feb.  Our work has kept us apart.  So I am glad that this year atleast we will be together and I have been able to plan a lunch box surprise for him too with lunchboxANDyou campaign. They will act my Santa and deliver a yummy lunch box for my hubby dear.  It will have his favorite food- Paneer Biryani and Soya Chaap Rolls with some cup cakes. Along with it, I have sent him a  message too which reads as below…

Hi M,

‘Togetherness holds supreme for me! Hope we eat together, drink together and travel the world together.  Wishing to be hand in hand with you through all the ups and downs of life.’

Happy Valentines Day! You must feel proud of yourself that I chose you as the lucky one for this scrumptious luncheon surprise. To give me a return gift, you can always cook me a lovely dinner tomorrow.  



Hubby and I believe in love more than celebrating a love day but in our courtship days we had bonded best over our foodie sessions. Him being a Punjabi and yours truly from U.P. we are born food lovers and we both appreciate good food with all our heart and soul. So anything that’s associated with great food definitely makes us smug and happily hungry.

Packing a lunch box for him is something that I do everyday, thus what better than celebrating V day with lunchboxANDyou drive. 

Don’t forget to tune in with ‘The Lunchbox’ Premiere on Valentine’s Day at 8 PM on &pictures

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  1. Love the write up… Its comforting to know that there are other husbands just like mine who have funny “fundas” about their food!! 🙂

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