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The Trip Only With Asus Zenfone Zoom

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I am both super excited and upbeat about my next trip. Why? Because I have decided to take up a travel challenge with the new smartphone Asus Zenfone Zoom. There is kind of a dare where I have decided to carry no camera and only smartphone. For a few months my camera was at the service center. Trust me, there was not a single travel day when I did not miss it but now when its all good to go, I have decided to give it some more rest this weekend. I am going to be a #ZenfoneZoom traveler. 



Uttarakhand, Bhimtal, Smartphone photography
Lost in the lap of nature with Asus Zenfone Zoom





Well, its not even been ten days to my last trip to Gunehr, Bir, Baijnath, Palampur in Himachal Pradesh and I am already looking forward to the next destination. This time its gonna be Bheemtal in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Tomorrow I will be packing and Friday early morning I will be back on the road. This trip is supposed to be around a property visit and a small trek in the mountains. I am being hosted by the property owners and once in a while I love these pampered trips where I get to explore new meaning of holidays, getaways, luxury, hospitality and more. And of course, every travel helps bring back beautiful stories. Well is this all I am excited about?  Yes, No!!! Keep watching because there is more…





Its gonna be photographic journey with Asus Zenfone Zoom


We all know photography is a very important aspect of every trip and we travelers really can’t live without clicking a minimum of 100 pictures each day. I don’t even remember how it used to be to complete an entire trip with old camera and one roll.  Nowadays, with the advent of super chic gadgets, there is no limit of any kind. On top of it social media has made us all the more greedy. We want the same clicks in our camera as well as a our smartphone and thus we end up doing double work. Is there a solution? Well, I have never been an iphone or a DSLR person but I am not sure if  I can really  say goodbye to my high zoom, point and shoot camera that I am extremely fond of. Asus has sent their latest smartphone and this time I have decided to ditch all my gadgets for this one.



Honestly, I am impressed with the gadget. It looks like a traveler’s phone. When they are claiming it to be the best, I don’t mind being a torchbearer in this new era of mobile photography. Honestly, I would love to be one. The lazy me loves smartphone photography because its so easy to pocket the phone and be on-the-go. In fact in my two months that I spent in Dubai, I only used my smartphone for photography. (My camera was dead) Maybe that was my moment of realization and now I want that one phone which can solve all my problems and give me the best photographs for my blogs. 



What am I so excited to use  Asus Zenfone Zoom?


1) As a traveler and blogger, my first requirement from my smartphone is that it must have a fabulous camera. I hear #ZenfoneZoom is magical. 


2) There has always been one worry with smartphones and that it you really get the desired Zoom. This one claims to have world’s thinnest 3X optical Zoom, total 12X Zoom.


3) Its primary camera module consists 10p Hoya lens, f/2.7 to f/4.8 aperture, laser autofocus, 4 Stops Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and dual tone flash. Does it sound like a phone with the best camera?


4) I am gonna be in the hills. Its important to capture the landscape under natural light in outdoor conditions. A photograph is appreciated for its precision and true colors. I hear that the optical image stabilization of the gadget works super efficiently. 


5) However, I cannot ignore that I often face problems with low-light photography. Low light camera images aren’t impressive. Will Asus Zenfone Zoom solve it for me? The low light boast mode has received some rave reviews. Well I am yet to explore the phone to its utmost capability but I promise to do all experiments this weekend. 


6) 4GB RAM, Intel PC level performance makes it a great combination.  Lets just shoot!


7) Pocket all the fun and yet travel light. And did I tell you I love big screen smartphones. I own a Zenfone 6. I am really not worried about handling a big phone. 5.5 screen size is just perfect to edit and share the pictures on the go. 



I am back and the pictures are here!!!



The view just outside the dining area.
The view from the balcony of the dining area



Asus Zenfone Zoom, Travel blogger
Bhimtal Lake 



Zenfone Zoom traveler, Asus, Property Review, Traveler
The property that hosted me



Bhimtal, Aamod Resorts, Asus Zenfone, Smartphone photography
Just after the rains!



Flowers and leaves
Flowers and leaves



The boating area around the Bhimtal lake



The Lamps and the dinner steup



Whose hungry?



All the pictures above have been captured with Asus Zenfone Zoom and I am super impressed. The Zoom was perfect and the colors are so well captured. Loved being a Zenfone Zoom traveler. 

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