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Lockdown Art

1st May 2020 : When people dint travel but….

When people dint meet but counted days & waited with bated breath to meet each other. When people dint enjoy self-isolation, house-chores and cooking but they did to pep each other. When people dint opt to work from home but they worked a way through the economical crisis to save each other. When people dint …


Bastakiya’s unique art scene at Al Serkal Cultural Foundation, Dubai

  One afternoon, when I was walking around Bastakiya neighborhood, I came across this interesting place right at the outset of my exploration. I had just stepped out of the famous Arabian Tea House Cafe and my eyes fell on the standee that read ‘Alserkal Cultural Foundation’ in Al Fahidi Heritage District. Curiously, I walked in and was pleased to walk-around this house …

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