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Ladakh Travel blog

Ladakhi Men & Women Have Unique Fashion Sense

    In September, I visited the rugged but spellbinding landscape of India (Ladakh) to attend Naropa festival 2016. Naro Palace, situated 40 kilometers from Leh was the venue of the event. Children with folded hands, monks adorned in maroon robes, spiritually excited people of all ages, locals dressed in traditional attires and expansive mountains …


I Got To #Playitfair Because I Luvvvv Wimbledon

Stockphoto     One just needs to watch one spectacular match to realize how exciting tennis can be. For me, that ‘once and forever’ love happened at the age of seven. Since then I have loved keeping a tab on the adventurous rivalries – Chrissie and Martina, Steffi and Martina, then Steffi and Monica, and not to forget the …

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