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Asiatique, the Riverfront is a charming lifestyle hub of Bangkok

Asiatique:  There, I loved the huge Ferris Wheel that shone beautifully against the dark sky. Situated on the bank of the river, this one lifestyle hub has  chic and snazzy shopping and dining options.

It operates from 5 p.m. to Midnight

When the night is young and you are in Bangkok, its time to be at Asiatique, the Riverfront.  And if you are putting up at Ramada you just cant ignore this lifestyle hub which is just 5 minute walk away. I was there in Thailand at Songkran (Water festival) time and it was so much fun to walk that really small distance seeing children playing with and soaking everyone in water. Yes, during Songkran everyone plays with water all day and till late night. Its an all day fest that goes on for 3 days.  To know more about it, read my post here.

On my way from Ramada to Asiatique

I visited Asiatique on both the nights that I was in Bangkok and it was so refreshing after a busy day. This place situated on the Charoen Krung Road and next to Chao Phraya River used to be a warehouse for a Danish company but now its been made into a beautiful, vibrant shopping arena that houses great street food and exotic dining options. In fact later I learnt it one of the biggest retail project in Asia. (Deadly combination of shopping mall by the river and a night market)

The moment I reached here, I felt nostalgic and somewhere it reminded me of Clarke Quay in Singapore. 

At the entrance- Asiatique

I also learnt that before Asiatique,  Suan Lum Night Market used to be a hep market in Bangkok  but unfortunately it was closed down a few years ago. 1500 boutiques and 40+ Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian cuisines restaurants with a street food lane, this is no less grand with pleasing architecture.

The Ferris Wheel in Asiatique

In the Land of Smiles, this Ferris Wheel was another thing that brought smile to my face. Of course I did not sit because I feel dizzy in Giant Wheels but I stood below it  and watched it move for a long long time.

Experience the Water Fun at Asiatique the Riverfront, Bangkok

On the first day, five of us (FAM group) entered Asiatique but seriously its huge and thus its tough to do it together. So we all dispersed and decided to do it at our own pace. Before separating, we decided to meet after three hours.  Each one had the choice to dine at his or her favorite place and walk around like a local. Food was on my mind but I was keenly interested in shopping and checking out the Water Festival in the area next to the Ferris Wheel, meant exclusively for April month.

So its fun to begin from here

This shopping destination is opposite to the waters of the river Chao Phraya and strolling around the banks is first thing that I began with. It felt so pleasing and fun to the senses to see these colorful sights.

The kids were loving getting photographed here The moment I saw this, I knew I had to buy this T-shirt I popped some chicken here! This looked interesting but I didn’t go inside

I checked out the street food available inside the Asiatique, they were in plenty. So cheap and so filling and with so many options. Even if you are not a veggie, you will love checking out the variety of omelettes, fish balls, quail eggs and the noodles. I almost took two rounds of this food lane before trying out an omelette and it was tasty.   (Forgot to click my plate)

Next it was shopping time and see what all I explored…

I explored the lanes

In Thailand, you have to buy one! There is a Kashmir shop in there too– I found the Indian connection These night lamps were beautiful, I did not buy though, found them a little expensive

Asiatique is trendy, fashionable and fun!

Seriously, this was an international trade port before, I couldn’t believe this transformation.  Yes, there are lot of photo-stop points. Live Muay Thai , dance shows and more fun.

Check the slideshow…

How to Reach?

If you are staying in another part of Bangkok, reach to the closest metro station and look for the free ferry shuttle to and fro Asiatique. Its a fun ride and it takes approximately 10 minutes to reach the riverfront.  You can take a cab while going back. I just had to walk because Ramada was too close.

Whats happening in Thailand?

If you are a Shopaholic, ​Amazing Thailand Grand Sale Fair 2015 is to  take place from 11-14 June​

This visit was part of my FAM trip with TAT, New Delhi

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