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#HumanByNature – People Stories from Kerala

Why do we travel? It gives us a sense of euphoria. What is the usual takeaway of our travels? Attractions, markets, adventure, thrills, food and the whole vacation vibe. But with passing years, with fading memories and with new holidays & photographs, what actually stays with us? People stories. From all those overwhelming trips, what …

Cardamom, Trail, Kerala


In the heartland of spice-world, it is hard to resist a love affair with the heady fragrance of the queen of spices. Read to know about ‘THE SPICY STORY OF CARDAMOMS.’     She is the special one whose leaves are aromatic, whose fruits are called capsules, whose seeds reside inside peacock green colored pods and …

Kerala, Thekkady, Kochi

Boat Cruising and Night Scouting in the Periyar in Thekkady

After exploring the backwaters of Kerala and having a perfect rejuvenation in the house boat in Alleppey, I further traveled to unearth the paradisiacal beauty of Thekkady, which is famous for Periyar Tiger Reserve and the spice plantations. On the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, this famous forest of deciduous and Savanah grasslands is home to lion-tailed macaque, sambar, gaur,  Nilgiri langur, elephant, deer, Indian …

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