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Hey Cape Town, I am in Love with You!

    Cape Town, the legislative capital of the country and the coastal city in South Africa is definitely a part of the phenomenal world. I can say this with all my heart because I have just experienced it in real and it is too good to be true. In 2014, when Cape Town was named the ‘best place in …

British Airways, Travel blogger, India

Let Us Love Back!

This video by British Airways is beautiful and heartwarming. And no less, it paints a real picture of our country and its loving people. We welcome people with open arms and we absolutely believe in loving them back. Being an Indian, I could easily connect with the warmth, amazing culture and great food about our country. Trust …

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Mum, you must be pampered!

My list of demands are endless, Your love and care is bottomless, I am the one who often acts restless and careless, You just do everything for me, seamless and selfless! Maa, I want this for breakfast and that for lunch, Maa, please wake me up right at seven, I am living on time crunch. …

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