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Sunday Lunch With Author S. V. Divvaakar

Laughter over the Luncheon VENUE: CHOPSTICKS, DELHI DATE: 24th March 2013 I am sure the pictures above have already given much of the story, but let me say a little more about the eventful Sunday afternoon. Author Mr. S.V. Divvaakar and Creativa India, invited bloggers cum bibliophiles for a special lunch and an informal interactive session to talk about the author’s latest …


Book Review: Melancholic Delight

Melancholic Delight by Tista Ray. Smriti Publishers About the Author Tista Ray, a near 18 years authoress has penned her debut novella ‘Melancholic Delight’. The book has been published in January 2013. She’s an Indian by birth. She’s actively involved in writing newspaper articles and is keen in making a difference to this world.  First Sight: A light …


Dear I Love You— Book Review

Recently I wrapped up another love story and it was unique in its own way. I must accept I love reading romance touched stories and till date have laid my hands on many but the best part is each one is so different from another. Every story speaks for its itself and the emotions  just pour out….

I concur…… Love is not just about a girl and a boy but its about relationship… trust… hope… life…and much more.

Dear I love You by Arun Sabtharishi—

This sweet and sour story transported me to the carefree days of college life, where love and life blooms for many. A age in life when we consider ourselves to be on top of the world.  The worldly issues seem afar and we wish to live life on our flight of dreams. I am sure it is one place where most of us come across someone whom we wish to treat more than a friend. It may materialise for some or maynot but the feeling is absolutely amazing.


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