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India Unlimited: Stories from a Nation Caught between Hype and Hope

Cover Page: The colors used on the front page are earthly, black, brown, yellow and white. The title ‘India Unlimited’  splashed all across, in different font sizes makes the over-all look of the book stand different and noticeable. Thumps Up to the designer.

Title : The book is all about India, its people in the villages, towns and cities and the varied stories that they have lived or experienced. Hence the title aptly conveys the unlimited-ness of India- UNLIMITED INDIA

Blurb : It summarizes the theme of the book in a crisp format, and lets you know that the stories are about the country and its people, truly Indian in nature. It arouses interest and raises one’e expectations to read stories that capture the pulse of our country and its people.

In One sentence:  The book portrays the dynamism of the Indian phenomenon, the culture, the ground reality and pictures the multi-dimensional facets of our existence, survival and the challenges of everyday life.

The Book-Wrap:

Each one of us has a story in us and this book captures the perceptions of life differently in a collection of 31 vibrant stories. The collection of these stories have touched upon all the sections of the society, be it the street children, the beggar, a peanut-seller, the long time lovers, the office mates, the husband or the wife etc. The author succeeds in capturing the interest in the first few tales and the reader feels to move on and read the other stories. Also an anthology always comes with an advantage, it has more than one story, so options are too many offered by this one and the pleasures are multi-fold too.  Also you may pick anyone first, maybe start from the last..You may like some, or may dislike some.. choices are many.   🙂

The stories have been touched upon with good writing elements.  The settings and the background are beautifully depicted in most of the stories. The portrayal of characters, their actions, the surroundings are adorned with pleasing descriptions. Most of the stories, and the protagonists come out absolutely convincing, definitely emerging from our everyday life and above all successfully leaving an impact on the readers. The dreamy worlds and the stories enclosed in the eyelids have been captured in well too. I must mention a few of my favorite stories, I really enjoyed reading them.

  • The Fish and my Wedding
  • Faking it at the Conference
  • The Blind Date
  • The Beautiful People
  • The Everyday Lover
  • Rahul Won’t Dream Again
  • That Naughty Celina I Miss sometimes

USP:  ‘Twist in the tales’ do the magic. The stories are lucid, simple and elegant, having nothing flashy about them at all. Except a few, the characters have been sketched very well, and the best part of the stories were the end scenes.  In there, the surprise element was great. The different story titles are interesting and catchy, not cliched, in fact, they urge us to read on.  Also in the last page, I was not at all surprised to read that most of the stories had already been published in various magazines and Literary Reviews. 

Last but not the least, I was not convinced with few of the stories by and large because they were not as good as others and appeared complex to me, or maybe I missed the pulse of the story-line. However, all in all I would recommend the book because it inspires to read as well write too. 31 different tales is definitely  a good number to provide the much needed respite from the  monotony of a single story that you read last.

Kulpreet Yadav’s first book was A WAITING WAVE.  Check for more on it.

Kulpreet Yadav is an Indian novelist who is about to wind up his third book which is about the role of khap panchayats in the rural politics of Haryana. He currently lives in Delhi and loves to experiment with food and wine, when not travelling.

One of his many works is OPEN ROAD REVIEW.

Happy Reading!!!

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  1. Sounds good..let me see if I can pick a copy and read/ review!

    thanks for sharing.

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