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Book Review: Beaten by Bhagath!!

Beaten by Bhagath 

A Tale of Two Writers by S.V. Divvaakar

‘ Failed debut is painful—- I concur.

Actually none would leave a stone un- turned to convert the first attempt into a remarkable glory but  at the same time the mantra of Success remains an enigma. Fail and Success are like the two sides of the same coin that may fall on any side when tossed in the air and the probability factor is alike….. Once I am done with the book, I would only say explore and excel in the world of creativity…. taking in stride the good and bad of it all.’

The Review Begins….

Genre: Reality Fiction

Book Cover: Nice!!!

Book Title: Tempting and Revealing….

One sentence: Well, I would say this one unravels the hidden secrets of publishing industry like never done before.

The Real Punch…

This book tells us all, what a first time writer has ever been through…

I will be truthful, it  has scared me, disappointed me but on the plus side, prepared me for the worst….because someday I plan to take my work to a larger platform. I am worried already that how will my work stand for itself in the world that is not just glitzy and charming, but extremely competitive and exploitative too.   🙁

The Shocking revelations…

Writing a book is no child’s play but truth is not many care to give an eye to the hard work put in. Writers and their work are treated no less than commodities…..The publishing industry is expanding like never before but the parameters are still not rightly laid down. Who is leading and who is not?…. The numbers remain unknown… There is a mad rush to notch the position of best-sellers/chartbusters…. however none knows what attracts the readers and what sells….clueless the writers are going to any extent for promotions and marketing single-handedly because once the book is published, the publishing house does not do much for the authors… In fact the owners of the good work are treated quite much like commodities and the saddening part is everyone around you who claims to be supporting the cause may not be sharing the same conviction as you.. 


The sexy lady boss instigates our protagonist Mr. BB to do some serious writing and thus begins the tale of our budding writer. He takes his work too seriously and gears up in the get-set-go mood to deliver nothing less than the best. The best selling author in the market is Ketan Bhagath and his books have been super-duper hits and he knows it well how to charm his readers. B.B. sets out to beat K10 (Ketan Bhagath).

Every author has a dream to rock-on with the debut and wants his writing to make really big block-buster, nothing wrong in this, thus when B.B, challenges himself to take on Mr. Bhagath,  readers enjoy it and they accept it as a natural human tendency.

I relished the hostel story and the fact that Ketan and B.B.had been room-mates in college times and had a cherish-able bonding between them selves. The book- title gives away the motive behind B.B’s new endeavor and later how he gets beaten.  ‘Beaten by Bhagath’ is about B.B ‘s dream of delivering a better book than Mr. Ketan Bhagath. The journey through the writer’s first book ‘ The Sinner’s Curse’ comes with improper ratio of little ups and more of downs.  

And then the pages of the book absolutely tickle the funny bone when the author divulges more about B.B.’s tryst with the publishing industry. I had a good laugh and could relate them with some of the old adages that always hold true.

The appreciations from the close ones may not be real because they don’t even care to remember the main characters or for that matter talk about the book without reading it—  Face-off, go for it!!

The submissions and the letters of rejections were discouraging but hilarious– Try and try until you succeed..

Marketing and the celebrity rates, book launches can be tricky.. Pricey is the whole world!

Writing a book and seeing it make it big requires too many things… the labor and pain from the creator’s side, support from the family members, blessings of the publishing industry and its paraphernalia,  a great kick-start in the market…. and last but not the least people’s verdict in the positive.


I appreciate the reality that was brought forward, aptly laced with humor and pun. The first  few chapters are slow but good to begin with, then the book picks up pace, builds in the much needed interest but later loses its charismatic charm because in the end it becomes a little muddled up… The UK trip is interesting but why the whole goof up of the sim, I dint get it…But I was happy that at last the book did not die orphan… it scaled up to its deserving position.. the messages conveyed in the book are many, put across in sweet and simple ways. This one deserves to be read by all the debutantes and definitely the writers…

Last but not the least : Good always remain unbeaten… Lets get inspired and write to inspire!!! And lets pray sincerely so that the Gods of the publishing industry treat us better!!

Final Verdict— Recommended!!

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