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67 Pictures of ‘Happiness’ from the Lil Flea, Mumbai

Lil Flea, Mumbai, BKC, Quirky shopping, 3 day festival


With no second thoughts, I have come to believe that shopping is definitely one way of achieving HAPPINESS! You do not have to buy everything. Just go out and spend an evening close to everything that you may want to have in your house. Its therapeutic!!


#happylilshots, LIL Flea, BKC, Shopping in Mumbai
My Mumbai Gang



At 8 p.m. on the Sunday night, my friends asked me to get ready and declared that it was time for some fun shopping. I had just returned from an all day blogging workshop and thus was tired. I made all excuses to cancel the outing but they did not budge from their decision. One of them said, ‘It is the last day and you must check it out’. You must cover it on the blog. I thought it was the last day of my 11 day trip to Mumbai. Next day, I was supposed to fly back home. What last day, I asked? And I don’t write about shopping, plzzz…

They were not listening to me and thus I was instructed not to ask too many questions. Just get ready because we are going to the ‘Lil flea market’ was all that I could hear in unison. Get your camera and your wallet, you will need both. Heading to a crowded market was the last thing on my mind and thus I was not at all excited at the idea. To find more reasons not to go, I irritated them more. ‘Where are we headed? Lets not go far. I am not eating out. I want a home cooked dinner please. And  I have a flight to catch tomorrow, I want to sleep early.
Its not even fifteen minutes away…pat came the reply.
As far as I knew there were only two shopping malls close-by. I was putting up in Ghatkopar West. It was centrally placed between Kurla City Mall and R city Mall. And at this hour on a holiday, nothing could be 15 minutes away.

I declared, I am not going to the shopping malls. Hope you know it.  Another one said, we are only going to BKC, its not far. And we will back as soon as you say. Just come along, you will love the quirky stuff there.


With not much to say, I agreed. Paying no heed to their advice I did not carry my camera but the mobile phone. I had no idea what I was going to miss.  Honestly, once I was inside the Lil Flea market, I wanted to capture almost everything about it.  It was all so colorful and creative. Some awesome stuff was curated there. Every stall had a unique merchandise to sell. In less than ten minutes, I was sure I was not returning home soon. Rather, I was all charged up to walk around every stall.


The Lil Flea, 3 days of Happiness, MMRDA Grounds, BKC


The Lil Flea -3 days quirky shopping destination


The Lil Flea (56)


What is LIL FLEA?

I would call it a place where creativity oozes in abundance. This is the place to encounter new and quirky brands. More than 200 + pop up shops were showcased at one place. And there were a variety of items such as bags, clothes, stationery, footwear, dresses, bags, accessories, gourmet,ice-cream, furniture, handicraft, chunky jewelry, lamps, artifacts, arts & craft, antiques, pottery, pet-related, home décor, food and more to choose from. Mind it, there wasn’t anything run-of-the-mill. It was a riot of colors and funky stuff.


As I walked around, I learnt more about the concept and theme of the market. I was told that Lil flea is a free-spirited platform meant for all those who find their solace in creation and innovation. This place welcomes young and interesting brands to showcase their style statements. It was so inspiring to see artists, mavericks, outliners, designers, chefs, startups together at one place.


I walked around, talked to the owners, introduced myself as a blogger and bought some cool stuff. On the other hand, I was met with lovely smiles, great conversations and interesting concepts. It felt so wonderful to see the young brigade do so well. The average age of most of the owners of the stalls was between 20 to 30.  Most of them were active on social media. Their companies had their Facebook page and Instagram profiles intact and their business was flourishing through word of mouth and such exhibitions. Here we are talking about pro-social media generation. I could connect with each of them so well. My eyes had appreciation for the rough, not so neat, hand made banners too. I loved the personal touch and the customization element with every stuff. At one point of time, I wanted to shout out loud- ‘Whoa!!! This is awesome! We have amazing talent in the country’. 


I insist you must see all the pictures below because each of them is interesting.The pictures were shot from my phone- Microsoft Lumia 640 XL. 


The Lil Flea, Mumbai Mirror, BKC, Bandra
Mumbai Mirror were one of the main sponsors.


The Lil Flea, SHopping is Cheaper than Therapy
Shopping is Cheaper than Therapy- We know it right!


The Lil Flea, Cupcakes and
Cupcakes and Closet- We bought a cute goggle from here! Scroll down below…


The Lil Flea, Trove, Lamps and Lights, Diwali
Trove– Do something with the bottles this Diwali!


The Lil Flea - Mumbai shopping
Riot of colors!


The Lil Flea- Bundle of Creativity
Chalk it up!!


Diwali shopping at the The Lil Flea
Plum Street has some really cute stuff!!


The Lil Flea oozed with fun and energy
Laugh out loud–Get Crazy!


The Lil Flea -beautiful lamps
I wanted them all


The Lil Flea -Bright and colorful
You know her– right?


The Lil Flea -Scootsy
Scootsy- you must check it out!


The Lil Flea is one colorful place to be
If I had them all, I would spend more time kitchen for sure!


The Lil Flea- Decorative stuff
Little Tea pot! The picture was clicked at San-Cha Tea Boutique


The Lil Flea, Lovely Magnets, Quirky shopping in Mumbai
Gone are the days of posters, Customize your quote on the magnet


The Lil Flea -chai time
Cutting Chai-Chai!


The Lil Flea -Copper brains
Copper Brains- I liked the name


The Lil Flea -colorful scarfs, Mumbai, Shopping, Fun colors
A skirt from the scarfs



The Lil Flea -mamakutti
Dips tasting was fun too!


The Lil Flea, Kitsch by Nik, Mumbai
Kitsch by Nik


Nish Ideaz, Lil Flea, Mumbai
I want them plzzz– Clicked at Nish Ideaz


Urban Kala


The Lil Flea -Pit Stop


Petriot India-- Stuff for your pets
Something for your pet too!


Mamakutti, Happiness, Hand made
Ultimate Happiness!


Interesting dips at Lil Flea
We bought one from these at Mamakutti!


Studio One-6
Studio One-6


Curio made me a little more Curious!


San-cha Tea boutique, tea lovers, Travel blogger, Mumbai
For the Tea lovers


For the Tea lovers


Drink-Drunk, Mumbai, Travel blogger in Mumbai
Ha ha!!


The Lil Flea by Mumbai Mirror
Live Love Laugh- True it is!


The Lil Flea , Eco-Corner, Cloth Bags
Eco-corner had some lovely cloth bags!

The Lil Flea, Travel Alone, Mumbai Mirror, Laugh Out Loud, Go Shopping


Think Pot-Delhi m
I found Delhi too at this one interesting shop-Think Pot


The Lil Flea (83)
Mumbai too at Thinkpot


Flaunt it
Flaunt it says it all!!


Dibs on Dips
I tried all of the below



The Lil Flea -Gourmet delight
We bought some spicy veggie with us!


The Lil Flea (53)
The kids will not be bored



Lovely decorations at The Lil Flea
Get creative this Diwali
Perfect patch up at the Lil Flea
I found this unique stuff at Pinklay. Look for them on Facebook!


The Perfect Patch up
Cool Stuff at Pinklay!! Right?




Spoil me silly
It spoiled us for good and we ended up shopping quirky earrings


The Lil Flea (42)


The Lil Flea (63)
I wanna a swing like that but it was for the kids


Terribly tiny tales
TTT- I follow them on Facebook and I was excited to see them there.


The Lil Flea, Paper products, Sky goodies
Sky goodies had great stuff made from paper


Amazing diys


FLat tummies at the Lil Flea

Posters on Drinking


Shopping funk at Lil flea


The Lil Flea (61)
There were shacks, there were photo stations, there was music and great food too.


The Lil Flea (47)





Swiggy Food delivery app


The Lil Flea (95)
Gorgeus Clutch


Gogs thats we bought at c


The Lil Flea (97)


The Lil Flea (93)


Earring shopping at The Lil Flea


We bought some dips from The Lil Flea


The Lil Flea -Clutch


I really did not want to leave the shopping ground but it was already 11 p.m. and the three day fest in its last hours. Every body seemed cheerful and happy. Must say, it is a great initiative to place great talent at one place. In 3 hours I was introduced to so many young and thriving brands and it was a pleasure discovering them all. I have dedicated this post for the young brigade of artistic India. Do catch up these shops on their Facebook pages. This was the fifth edition of the flea market. After April and October, the third one will happen during December. If you are in Mumbai, you must do it.


Happy Shopping!!

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  1. Hi Manjulika,
    Thanks for posting the wonderful picture of the Eco Corner stall and the kind sentiment towards our bags.
    Was also delighted to see the picture of our Hawa Hawaii Apron “hanging out” at the Lil Flea… 🙂

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