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F^3 Carnival: Telangana Bathukamma celebrations in Delhi



Bathuku’ means life and ‘Amma’ means mother! Bathukamma is a beautiful and colorful festival of the youngest state of India- Telangana.  This floral festival glorifies womanhood uniquely. I loved being a part of this celebration when Telangana’s festive spirit came live at the PHD chamber, New Delhi. 



Bathukamma, Festival, Telangana, Flowers, PHD chamber



When we say ‘India is Incredible’, we really mean it. The diversity and culture is undoubtedly amazing.  Have you heard about the Bathukamma celebrations and its religious fervor associated with the state of Telangana? For me, it was a first time when I got an invite to be a part of the ‘evening with media’ organized by Telangana Tourism. Press events sound boring to me but I am really glad that I decided to go for this one. The event was named as F^3 carnival. Initially the name did not appeal to me but when I learnt that the three F’s have a special significance, I was convinced. Together they stand for Festival, Flowers and Females.  An easier name has been given to the carnival to enhance its appeal and generate curiosity among the global audience. No doubt,  Bathukamma sounds more pretty and has a beautiful zing to it. But at the same time Telangana Tourism has come up with a global plan, is aiming high and I am really kicked about it. 



Telangana Tourism, Bathukamma, PHD Chamber, Hyderabad, Travel
An evening with Media-Telangana Tourism



The Secretary, Department of Youth Advancement, Tourism, & Culture, Government of Telangana, Mr. B. Venkatesham addressed the media and fondly talked about Telangana and its festival Bathukamma. He showed us some videos of Telangana and I can gladly say that the youngest state that has ome into being only last year, looks like a hidden gem of India. I thoroughly enjoyed discovering a new facet around my own country. The government plans to focus on tourism and take this carnival to a global level by 2025. No doubt, the new kid on the block – Telangana is all set to delight travelers from around the world.  I was truly impressed to learn about its pristine natural beauty, abundant wildlife, magnificent palaces and forts reflecting architectural blends.



The video above is beautiful and it absolutely won me. The whole room which only had media and bloggers watched it in absolute silence and excitement. We were all in for a surprise because none of us knew that Telangana had so much to offer. The traveler in me had an urge to explore the state almost immediately. No less, on the first day of the event, I returned with these lovely, cute little pocket guides around the major cities of the state. I promise to take you for a virtual trip there before I get a chance to visit it in real. 


Telangana State, Travel, Tourism, Bathukamma, F3 Carnival
Pocket books of all major cities of Telangana



This F^3 carnival did not end on the first day. The PHD Chamber & Telangana Tourism had organized a visual treat for the Delhi people. On the second day, I reached early and got a chance to actually meet and greet the ladies from Telangana. They were warm and friendly. They were enjoying making the floral decorations and posing for me. From the decorations to the dances, every aspect of Bathukamma was presented elaborately. I could not comprehend a single word but music posed no problem. Our country thrives in its diversity.


Celebrating Batukamma, 20th October, telangana
When the lady carries the Batukamma on her hand


Some of the events that took place that day.

ATMA DEEPAM- a dance of sincere prayer asking for protection of woman, from the evils of society.

Traditional Bathukumma oriented dance performance called “PUDAMI YEDALAPAINA”.

THE DAPPU PERFORMANCE—a lively drum beating dance performed by ladies.

KUDI BHUJAN, A folk dance of Telangana State depicting the beauty and grace of woman hood.

LAMBADI DANCE – a Banjara dance of freedom, life and energy

Last performance of the carnival was DEEPALU DANCE- a lamp dance


THE DAPPU PERFORMANCE—a lively drum beating dance performed by ladies.
THE DAPPU PERFORMANCE—a lively drum beating dance performed by ladies.


With dance and music, Telangana almost come alive inside the premises of PHD chamber. For me, it was all new and heartwarming. I had never seen this kind of celebration before. No doubt every state has its local festivals and more or less, they all are celebrated with similar gesture, this one had its own uniqueness. The flowers chosen to make Bathukamma are some rare and wild flowers found exclusively in the state. The significance it holds for the women was quite evident from the participating women. There were very few men and majorly they were only helping them in putting the stuff together. After the cultural show in the hall, when the dance moved to the lawns I did not shy from shaking a leg too. Here are some beautiful pictures that will give you a glimpse of the spirit of festivity on Day 2 of the Carnival that is just the beginning. 


CHARMINAR, Hyderabad, Telangana
CHARMINAR structure at the entrance of venue



Beautiful decorations at PHD Chamber
Beautiful decorations at PHD Chamber



Lamp decoration that goes with the floral fun
Lamp decoration that goes with the floral fun




Telanagana, Bathukamma, Celebrations in Delhi
The cultural performances at the F^3 carnival


This week long festival falls on Asvija Shuddha Dasami . The last day is a grand day and this years it happens to be tomorrow-20th October. Thus, if you wish to see a grand celebration, you may go to the Telangana Bhavan in Delhi. 


Here lastly, I would love to share all that I learnt about Bathukamma in the last few days.


This festival is celebrated in a way that humankind pays a tribute to nature. It also signifies a harmonious existence of all. 

Goddess Gauridevi (Bathukamma) is made with the help of flowers and later immersed in the lakes. Bathukamma is also Goddess Parvati and she is a lover of flowers.

This is called a floral festival because flowers play a major role. The flowers used are not the ones used generally but the wild ones found in that region. These have great medicinal values.

This is festival where womanhood is worshiped and celebrated. (Rather, I also learnt that Telangana is the state where parents touch the feet of their daughters)

Not one but many legendary tales are associated with festival and I would love to share them in the next post. 



Bathukamma, telangana, Hyderabad, 20th october
Bathukamma- The big day is tomorrow!


The festival is closely associated with women because here the boys only play the role of helping the ladies. The bathukamma is made by the ladies. They sing songs and dance together.

The folk music has been passed on to one generation to another by word of mouth. The songs that are sung during this festival have survived for generations without being written anywhere.

It a lovely family festival where everyone comes together and prays for the well being for all. No doubt, it talks of rich heritage and culture of our country.


I made a video of one of the dance performance. It is made from my new phone Moto E2 – ATMA DEEPAM- a dance of sincere prayer asking for protection of woman, from the evils of society.



So do let me know, did you know about Bathukamma before reading this. If yes, please tell me more about it. If not, I am sure you have been introduced to a new festival. If you wish to know more, there is an app too.

Also, what do you think does it have the potential to become a global carnival in the next ten years. India definitely needs a popular festival. If this one succeeds in garnering all attention, it would be great. 

Happy Traveling!!

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  1. Wow… well written… Good lots of women power stuff in the dances, sets a positive vibe… also well the flowers and the name too is enchanting as you said… Bathukamma

  2. Loved reading the post as much as I loved being with you, attending the media event. Though now, I regret not being able to make it for Day-2. The essence of womanhood comes alive in this festival and I was so happy to learn that there is atleast one festival where they celebrate girls.

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