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Cafe-style format of Mad Over Donuts at Churchgate!

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Sweet Cravings 


I do not have a sweet tooth but there is something amazingly tempting about donuts. Its tough to stay away from these delectable round bites. But making donuts is not something that everyone knows how to get it right. I had eaten it for the first time when Singapore based ‘Mad Over Donuts’ had opened its first store in Noida in 2008.  And believe me since then I have been a loyal customer to their other branches in Delhi.  These days I am in Mumbai and I am so glad that  the brand MOD invited me over to savor a new range of their products in its newest store at Churchgate.



Salty Twist!

The good news is that Mad Over Donuts has come with a new cafe style format in Mumbai. Now, there is ample of space to sit and enjoy your sweet treat. The surprise element is that the donut chain has given a salty twist to their flavors too.  The expansion comes with a list of new bites on its menu- Donut Pizzas, Do-wiches (donut sandwiches), Mini-donuts with savory dips, Salsa, Pocket Pizza, Donut sundaes and beverages both in hot and cold.   

Before I talk around it more, check out this picture of the mint sandwich which will salivate your taste buds.





The Bloggers Meet

Date: 24th October, 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 4 pm to 8 pm 
Venue: Opp. Govt. Law College, Churchgate 

Since I am in Mumbai for around 2 weeks, I decided to grab this opportunity of trying the interesting menu at the brand new outlet of Mad Over Donuts. Blogging is all about churning out fresh stories and anything new makes a potential story for my blog. Food is my weakness and since this was around my personal favorite brand, I decided to go for it. I also wanted to meet Mumbai bloggers and I was equally curious to see how blogger meets happened in Mumbai. 

Churchgate is a place that thrives with the spirit of Mumbai and I love being there whenever I am in the city.Finding the new store was easy as I had local friends to drop me there. For the new comer too, I must tell you that its next to the burger king store, just opposite the back side of Churchgate station. When I entered the store, it was delighting to see it buzzing with bloggers. The first thing that came into my notice was that it had enough space to accommodate 15-20 people. There were tables and chairs and young crowd was enjoying their conversations. For a change, there were not just donuts on their table but some interesting sandwiches and drinks too. It really made me curious. I met by the chef and the PR person and they explained me the new concept of the cafe. Personally, I quite appreciate the idea of these new additions because I cannot indulge in too much sugar. I am a one donut person. Thus, people like me have found more reasons to stop by MOD.


The first thing that I did there was I learnt dressing up the plain doughnut. The chef helped me with the gloves first. The he showed me how to pick the doughnut, then dip it in chocolate sauce, then shake it and next decorate it. See how well I did and it happened pretty quickly too. 


I dressed up this plain donut with the help of the chef and it was so easy to do it!



Mad over donuts cafe, Churchgate
Bloggers in conversation



Fabulous Flavors

Next began the tasting session. To start with, I ordered a salsa. The look was impressive, so was the taste. When you are here, you must forget about your dieting plan but at the same time, these small bites are filling and can be used as indulging treats whenever you are looking for a break from the hard regime. It was yum. Every bite had something new to say. The tangy sauce inside it ruled on my taste buds for long. 

Next I tried the mint sandwich. It was nice break from the regular burgers. There was fresh paneer piece and Cucumber inside the doughnut. The flavors were just right. I also tasted a classic mint drink along with it. Honestly, I wasn’t much impressed with it. My feedback around it was that it needed some more mint because when the ice melted and the drink became diluted, I could not savor the mint taste to my liking.  There were other bloggers who tasted the pizza and the Paneer Malabari Do-wich with a creamy coconut gravy paneer. What I picked up from their discussions was that it really came with an authentic taste. 


Donut Salsa


Donut wich
Donut wich- Pocket Sandwich


Overall, I would say the experimentation with the donuts will be loved by customers. The idea is great but yes the taste and quality has to be maintained just like the donuts. The cafe will make a hanging out place for everyone who loves donuts because now you will get more than donuts. These cute little bites have enough charm to keep you engaged in conversations.


Fall in Love at First Bite

Not to forget, I also tried these plain mini donuts with the four different dips and it was quite refreshing. One was tamarind, one was spicy, one was all chocolate and the last was mayonnaise. When you have a few friends together, this can be a great idea to eat it together. Originally the platter has 9 mini doughnuts. I ordered only 4 to sample the taste. The dips were interesting and my favorite was the chilli one. Of course the chocolate one makes it taste like a donut. But I would suggest the minis should be a little more in size. I found them too small.



Waffles, Mad over donuts, Churchgate


The waffles looked super tempting. I did not try but I did take a picture. Next time you are there around Churchgate and you wanna snack out, you will have more reasons to drop at MOD apart from digging in its fabulous double trouble, cookie crumble and Hazel dazzle donuts. I enjoyed the bloggers meet and made friends with some new bloggers from Mumbai. That was my takeaway along with a pack of my favorite donuts. And I am really hoping that the cafe will make its way to Delhi soon. 

Happy Blogging!!

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  1. I am a sweet tooth. and I go mad over MOD. Wish they invite me too 😛 *drools*
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