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#CreateFearlessly: Mum and I had a great time cooking together

If I tell you that my Mum is my favorite cook, you would say whose Mum isn’t. Well I wouldn’t argue on this because all mothers are queens of their kitchen. Initially I would never appreciate my mum’s cooking, like every other kid had my own set of tantrums of not eating this or that but once I landed up in the hostel for four years of my engineering studies, I underwent a change. I developed immense respect for my Mum and her cooking. I would crave for her lunchboxes and  the lavish menus of Sundays.

My mother enjoys cooking and she is the famous one in our family. Even my hubby is fond of her cooking.  I live in the same city as my parents and I visit them often. My husband lets me stay with them when ever I demand but he has only one condition, ‘You must learn some cooking from Mumma’.  So now you may conclude that I am nothing close to a good cook when it comes to cooking.  Well, I have an excuse to this, my sweet Mum would never let me in the kitchen and eventually I went away from the house. For the first time when I had to put up on my own, I didnt even know how to chop vegetable. But later Mum on the phone and youtube/cookery blogs on the laptop became a great help.

My Mum makes a lot of local food and experiments with different recipes but never teaches me much.   😉 She believes in wholesome food than their junk avatars, thus she isn’t much into baking and grilling pizza and pastas. But I have been convincing her that she must explore this side of cooking too because there is so much that can be done with new electronic appliances. To this she says she is happy with her microwave.  At the start of the year, one day she asked me, Which OTG should I buy?Wow! this sounded good to me. I was happy that Mum wanted to learn some cake making. I simply told her, don’t worry about this, you will have one soon.

And as blogging would have it.  Last month U gifted a PARTY PLANNER to Mum.  Thanks to HAMILTON BEACH and Blogadda for sending it to me and encouraging me to #CreateFearlessly.

The PARTY PLANNER consists of OTG and Hand Blender. With the OTG, Mum and I did some group cooking and had a great time. Believe me it was so much fun to learn things from Mum and at the same time share some knowledge with her.

OVEN-TOASTER-GRILL– This has lovely accessories for baking, grilling and roasting. Its absolute fun with the Rotisserie which is a style of roasting where chicken is skewered on a long solid rod. Its capacity is 32 litre and 1500 watt.  

The mother daughter duo made three items for the dinner. My Dad loves paneer tikka thus we grilled some Paneer with veggies.  My hubby is fond of Pizza so I baked veggies one. And for the dessert, we made some Vanilla cake. Mumma helped with all the ingredients and the preparation and I taught her all the functions, timer and temperature settings of the OTG.

In this post I will not share the recipes because there are some lovely food blogs where one can find everything. Through the slideshows below, I just want to take my readers through the journey of cooking and show how the final products came out when they underwent OTG cooking.



At  170 Temp with  BAKE setting, we put our batter in the OTG for 20 minutes.   The cake that came out was lovely. It was baked absolutely even and it melted in our mouth. Mum was proud to become an instant Super-Baker.



See how my Pizza turned out.

My Mum is absolutely enjoying experimenting with Bake, broil and toast settings. She doesn’t use her old microwave because even convection cooking is easy with this one.



Hope you are hungry already, Happy Cooking!!!

Will keep you posted for more. Also I will suggest spare some time and cook with your elders. They have so much to share from their experience. I had great time cooking with my Mum which I did for the first time. I often make cakes with my Mum-in -law.  


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