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A few years ago when I did Paragliding…

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If I had to talk of ‘Impact’, I would say ‘traveling to places near and far’ has had an amazing impact in my life. A few incidences and experiences have absolutely changed the course of my life. Among many such incidences, one such experience that I would love to talk about is below in the pictures. Lots on paragliding is here!



Today morning, I did a happy dance because I found something which I thought I had lost forever. While I was rummaging through my hard disk and looking for old stories and travel memories, I came across a folder that was hierarchically hidden under many folders. I almost squeaked in delight when I found some pictures of Manali and especially of the time when I had felt giddy and anxious and excited while flying like a bird. With the chooda in my hand, the pictures suggest that I was a few months old in my marriage. This was not a family trip but an outdoor excursion with my office colleagues. I  always wanted to blog about it but had no pictures. This ten minutes adventure had taken loads of courage in me to overcome the fear of uncertainty. Of course, I must thank my friends too who had done a lot of convincing. In the end I was elated to have done it despite having issues with heights.



Here are some pictures from flying to the landing on the ground….



Take a flight, Up in the air



A few confessions…



  • I was too scared to let go off the land.
  • The stories of failed flights and people hurting themselves while landing was on my mind.
  • I was not comfortable trusting my guide
  • I feared hitting a tree and the glider getting stuck.
  • I was nervous to start and I almost gave up thrice before going for it.
  • One of my travel experiences which had a deep impact on me.



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A few realizations…



  • Sometimes, its important to do things despite knowing that it can be adventurous/dangerous.
  • Paragliding is challenging but thrilling.
  • The view from the top is one of the best. 
  • When you get a bird’s view to everything, you know how beautiful things are.
  • Adrenaline rush, the sense of joy and freedom that comes with it is supreme.
  • You have to do it once to know what the experience is like.



Flying like a bird



Giddy in the air



A few Records…



  • Do you know that Gavin McClurg, 41 has his name in the record books for a 240-mile flight?
  • He sailed at speeds of over 30mph at more than 18,000 ft.
  • His wife is a paraglider pilot and she taught him the basics. 



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Travel, 7 things you must know about Paragliding



Paragliding in India



  • I did my first paragliding in Manali.
  • Bir-Billing in the Dauladhar ,Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh hosted Paragliding World Cup in 2015
  • The hosting ceremony was held at one of the Asia’s largest monastery, Sherbaling Monastery.
  • 7th International Paragliding Festival was organized at Vagamon, Kerala from February 21st to March 1st 2015
  • PAI Paragliding India XC League 2016 is happening at Panchgani during 9th to 13th Feb 2016



Paragliding, on the ground



A few things to know

  • By the time I did the landing, my head gear had become loose.
  • Thus, a word of caution from my side, double check all the gear and the safety enhancements before doing any such activity.
  • And as you see in the pictures, keep your legs straight in the air.
  • Landing is crucial.
  • One must remember all words of caution as given by the guide.



If we talk of the literal meaning of the word ‘Impact’, it is about having a strong effect on someone or something. This one experience infused confidence in me. 



Happy Traveling!!!



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5 thoughts on “A few years ago when I did Paragliding…

  1. Good one Manjulika! I noticed the Chooda so this must be one of the very special experiences. I too saw people paragliding when I was enroute Rohtang but coudn’t gather the courage to try! And its such a good feeling to find old pics and freshen up old experiences!

  2. I have not yet experienced paragliding yet. I had only experienced the thrilling aerial zip line adventure sports at Flying Fox Rishikesh which fly over the river at an amazing height of 70m above the river Ganges.

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