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Let Us Explore Al Shindagha In Dubai

Dubai Heritage- Art and Culture


In this post, I will take you around heritage areas of Al Shindagha in Bur Dubai.  I started from my hotel apartment at Al Rolla street and walked through Meena Bazaar to be at Al Ghubaiba water transport Station. And I spent the next six hours strolling along the Shingdaga waterfront till the sun went down. It was a day well spent. The creek view was pleasing and of course it was fun to learn about Dubai’s history. The historical significance of this area dates back to 1862. It was around this time only that the King’s (Maktoum) Family had settled on this side of the creek.


Al Shindaga waterfront
Al Shindaga waterfront


Let us do Dubai differently. I am gonna make it simpler for you so that whenever you are here, you can do a couple of things on your own without seeking help from the sightseeing tours and guides. Since I was here for a month last year and now that I am back again this week, I have become comfortable with traveling in Dubai. Now, I love exploring it on my own. Trust me, I just have to google a little bit,  use public transport and enjoy being on foot. And the plus is walking  serves two purpose, first it helps me soak in the surroundings well and second it helps to add to my physical activity. But if you not very keen on walking, I will let you know about the nearest metro stations too.


Al Ghubaiba Water Transport Station, What to do in Dubai, Creekside
Al Ghubaiba Water Transport Station


Al ghubaiba metro station, Dubai, Heritage walk, A day in Dubai
Al Ghubaiba metro station Dubai


This part of ‘Dubai Creek’ is just adjacent to Al Ghubaiba Metro Station as well as Water Transport Station so you can start from any of these places to go around Al Shindaga. The famous Barjeel Heritage Guest House is a stone throw away and as you walk further, you can explore the Heritage Village & the Diving Zone that used to be two villages in olden times. Historical Sheikh Saeed’s House, Old Souk, Abra Station (water taxi) are within a circumference of a kilometer and just opposite to the Al Ghubaiba Water station stands the building of Ministry of Finance (Financial district of Old Dubai).  The original settlements of Dubai had made their first dwellings in this area and thus the Shindagha area is of historic importance. As the city progressed around the Dubai Creek, later it was separated in Deira (the commercial center), Bur Dubai (the government center) and Shindagha (the main residential area).


From 1912 to 1958, the then ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum lived in this area and thus Al Shindaga neighborhood has always held its importance as a traditional center in the city of Dubai. Today, I was all keen to explore the region. Here, I take you along this area from the Al Ghubaiba Water Transport Station so just be with me. Keep walking further until you see the building of Ministry of Finance. Just opposite to it you will find the Al Ghubaiba Cafeteria as below. From here my photo-story will take you along. 

Al ghubaiba Cafeteria, Dubai
Al Ghubaiba Cafeteria



Jalbot ship, Al ghubaiba water station, Dubai
Jalbot ship at the Al Ghubaiba Water Station



What is Jalbot ship?
What is Jalbot ship?



Al Shindaga is located at the mouth of the Dubai Creek.
Al Shindaga is located at the end of the mouth of the Dubai Creek.


At the Water Station, the cafeteria was crowded with people. As I walked towards the heritage buildings, I found this replica of Jalboat. There I stood and read about it first and then moved further.  It was interesting to know more about Dubai’s maritime history.  The Creek looked beautiful and I could see a number water taxis and boats standing to woo the visitors. A few meters to my left was one of the oldest watch tower of Dubai. I was headed towards it to read what was written just below it. 


Watch tower-Al Shindagha
Al Shandaga watch tower



Watch tower in Dubai


Watch tower is a fortification that functions as an elevated observation point. As the name suggests, it was usually stationed to keep a watch on the city and its people. In the olden times, people observing from these towers helped in timely action against attack from enemies, forest fires and others. Just when I was done with it my eyes fell on the corner most house next to the watch tower. It was the ‘House of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Saeed Al Maktoum’. I looked for the entrance and it read Juthoor Art Center. The entry was free and thus the guard guided me in almost immediately. When I went inside, I learnt that a few rooms of the House of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Saeed Al Maktoum were being used as an art gallery. The art work and the painting inside were beautiful and gave a peek in the life and style of Arabic people. The lady with the niqab is my favorite painting from there. Most of these paintings were not for sale.


House of Sheikh Khaleefa- Dubai
House of Sheikh Khaleefa- Dubai


Juthoor Art Center
Juthoor Art Center “House of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Saeed Al Maktoum”


Old Dubai, Al Sindaga, Heritage Walk, Dubai Travel
This traditional courtyard house gave a hint of Old Dubai and its architecture


His house is converted in an art gallery
Many paintings offered a glimpse of the bygone era in Dubai


Painting Gallery of H.H Sheikha Hessa Al Makhtoumh
This Painting Gallery of H.H Sheikha Hessa Al Makhtoum was lovely



A woman with the niqab
My favorite one from the collection– The woman with the niqab


I watched all the paintings very keenly. There were only three rooms which were open for visitors and thus I was done with this place in flat thirty minutes.  I am not an expert at art appreciation but yes I have an eye for everything creative and colorful. For some people this place may not hold interest for even five minutes but for me it did. Next, I walked along the waterfront to find a lovely restaurant- BARJEEL. The place was buzzing with visitors. No doubt, it had a great location with a panoramic view of the waterfront curve. I had just begun my walk after heavy lunch and thus I did not stop. However I wanted to go to the top and see the guest house but I continued my walk keeping it for some other time. Next was  ‘Dubai Historical Documents Center’ , ‘House of Poetry’, Quindeel Bookstore and  then the ‘King’s House’ that I was curious around.


Al Shindaga, Dubai, Travel, Barjeel Heritage Guest house
Barjeel Heritage Guest house


The waterfront is full of locals and visitors relaxing outside
The waterfront is full of locals and visitors relaxing outside


The Creek looked inviting and I wanted to do a boat ride after clicking this picture.


Al Shindaga Dubai Creekside
Al Shindagha is on the western bank of the Creek and no less it makes a beautiful Old Dubai


Mosque at Al Shindaga, Dubai
Mosque at Al Shindaga



Dubai Historical Documents Center
Next was Dubai Historical Documents Center


Qindeel bookstore
Qindeel bookstore – The pretty bookstore. I wondered if it was pronounced like Kindle 



Every house seemed to tell its own story. The historical connect was evident in the construction of the buildings. But they all looked new and well looked after. Of course I had also read that all these buildings had been renovated a few years ago to keep the history alive and open for visitors to come over and learn about the bygone era.  To be at the house of Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum, I crossed the small mosque of the area followed by a few more interesting and old buildings. While I was yet to stumble upon the lamp post, I looked towards the Creek on the other side which shone resplendently bright and beautiful as the rays of the sun played with the water. The month of December was just perfect to do an afternoon walk around here.


King's House , Dubai, Travel, Blogger
The Lamp post that caught my attention!


Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House
Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House


Entry ticket to the Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House
Entry ticket to the Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House


Wind towers in Dubai
Right at the entrance- Wind towers were very important part of Old buildings in Dubai. They helped in keeping the house air conditioned during the summers.


The house from inside
The house from inside. Many rooms are open that showcase a rare collection of historic photographs, coins, stamps, maritime, old family photographs  and documents that record Dubai’s history.


The house where the grandfather of present ruler of Dubai lived
I explored the rooms one by one and then made my way to the terrace. In some of the rooms photography was absolutely restricted.



The view of the Creek from the top
The panoramic view from the highest most point of the house was lovely


The entry to the house costed me 3 Dhirams. The King’s house had a rare collection of historic photographs, coins, stamps, maritime, old family photographs  and documents that record Dubai’s history. A few rooms were closed and a few imposed restriction on photography. The coins room was very interesting and also I loved going through the old pictures of the King’s family in black and white. This place shows Dubai that we hardly know of. Some 800 members of the Bani Yas tribe who were led by the Maktoum Family has settled around this area when Dubai only knew fishing, pearling and sea trade. In 1930, Dubai’s population was only 20,000. I learnt a lot here. I will do a separate blog post around this place.


And I continued to walk along the waterfront
And I continued to walk along the waterfront


In the museum I spend around one and half hour. Its not at all huge. There are only eight to ten rooms to keep the visitors curious. After coming out of the museum, I wanted to continue the walk and explore the Diving Village and the Heritage Village but I had heard that it was worth going in there only after the sunset. There was still some time before the sun went down. I met another traveler and she told me that the diving village was closed for renovation and the Heritage Village buzzed with activity in the later part of the day. Thus I decided to just stay, sit on a bench and stare at the creek. I was inspired by the people around me who were enjoying their leisure time. Some were sitting alone and some in good company. I looked for a vacant bench but did not find one. I kept strolling around aimlessly till I reached the Barjeel restaurant again.


Do read the next post that follows tomorrow. It tells you more about this area, about the beautiful sunset behind the watch tower. You must know what the Heritage Village is all about and why Shindaga area is a must do in the night. The waterfront looks beautiful and there are many open-air eateries to enjoy food and sheesha. 

Happy Traveling!!!


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