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Lets speak for #ChaltaHaiNoMore


Are you a corporate or a business traveler? Do you love backpacking? Are you one who loves spending most of the time exploring the new city rather than being in the hotel? If you fall in anyone of these categories, this one is for you. I was kidding.  Even if you are distantly related to travel, you must read this.


Today, we are talking about hotels and their #ChaltaHaiNoMore, “devil may care” nonchalant attitude of some properties and brands. It’s quite a relevant topic for discussion because hotels play a very important role in our travels. No doubt we all love to be at a new place but we definitely feel anxious about our hotel. The holiday is ruined if you have to return to a lousy hotel every night. Not just it, even your business meeting will become stressful if your hotel room is miserable. Trust me, my hotel choice varies from place to place, number of days of travel and it depends on many factors except budget.


For instance, if I am away from home for a whole month, I need a hotel apartment or a hotel room that has a kitchenette to cook and store my food. The swimming pool and the gym matter so that they can keep me reminding around fitness. But if it’s a three day business visit, I am seriously not bothered on the kitchen part nor do I have time for gym, I want a good breakfast certainly. I am keener on the hotel that has proximity to the airport and is closer to the markets. Last but not the least, if it’s a lazy holiday (that happens only once in a year), I lust for the luxuries and comforts of a five star. So you see how it differs.


Comfortable Stay & Stylish rooms, Gurgaon
The hotel that caters to everything and does not weigh on my pocket


But of all this, I must confess I am a sucker for #ChaltaHaiNoMore attitude. If you thought I loved pompous and  decorated rooms, I would say I prefer these more -super clean rooms, high speed Wi-Fi, 24/7 safety and security, sound proof rooms, comfortable beds and friendly atmosphere.


For a traveler, hotel is a second home. It’s important because when we choose to step out from the comforts of our home, we really look forward to a safe and comfortable place even if it’s for one day or a month. And when we shell out money for it, we definitely want the best. And beyond all odds and evens, the most important thing that holds for me is that it must be hygienic. Second, it must make me feel comfortable. Last but not the least, the hotel services must give me value for my money.


Even though my choices have always been clear and I have carefully selected my places to stay, I have ended up being cheated a few times. The promises are big, the prices are high but the returns are absolutely not up to the mark. There are many who believe in playing with the sentiments of a traveler, so I am really glad that Hotel Formule1 has taken a call to break free from “Chalta Hai” attitude. As a cutsomer, I would applause their confidence because only when you know what you are delivering best, only then you challenge the others around you. On the other hand, I have stayed in Formule1 and thus I would happily support their cause and brand. 


You must read about my experience at Formule1, Gurgaon but before that watch this video!



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