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Melbourne, one can't resist it, Can you?

It’s charming! It’s opulent! It’s amazing!
I feel a smile spread over my face,
As I talk about the city that is creative and colorful as its graffiti lane-ways,
From the “North of the Yarra” to the “South of the Yarra”
Ecstatically, it shines when the glorious sun beams down on it,
It isn’t a magical city; it exits in real situated on the Port Phillip Bay,
And more it thrives as the most live-able city in the world,
Victoria is the second most populous state of Australia and Melbourne is its capital,
No doubt the capital city has enough to arrest us in its charming tentacles,
It is culturally diverse, boasts of colorful dozes of Art and has some real coffee buzz,
The magnificent skyline, the Eureka Tower and the Rialto,
The man-made facades shining through nature’s lovely canvas,
The vibrant mid-day and the beautiful Sunset at St Kilda,
The stretch of 151 miles of scenic drive at Great Ocean Road,
Yes, let’s talk about it all and more!




To get touristy around the city that changes from lane to lane,
Let’s Tram (in the European-designed lozenges) on free City Circle route to mingle with the locals,
And overhear the conversations that tell us where to indulge in its food and cling to its fashion,
“Myki” the smart card system and Melways, the traditional map will take you around,
After your sunny days on the beach, you will love to stroll down St Kilda pier,
There is Swanston, Bourke Street and Flinders Street Station which makes a great meeting point,
I love it more for the murmur, the music of the footsteps of the Federation Square,
And the look of the city from the hanging glass box ‘The Edge’ on the 88th floor of the Eureka Sky-deck,
The urban art and outdoor art gallery in the Melbourne’s lively laneways,
The rainbow of colors and artists moods will arrest your eyes at the Hosier Lane,
You got to check out the creative piece of Movida, a famous restaurant in Australia,
The intricate facades and the aromatic coffee of the Degraves Street,
There is rocking nightlife at the Central Business District, Brunswick Street  and in Chapel Street,
To the tourist’s delight, it’s fun to walk around the Block Arcade, Royal Arcade, Royal Exhibition Building,
There is Melbourne Museum, Queen Victoria Market to China Town.





You find Flower Drum, the world’s best Chinese restaurant in Melbourne
Gorge on the fish and eggplant chips, Lamingtons, Jam Donuts and the Meat pies,
How about some jazz at the “Paris Cat”, the Labor In Vain Hotel,  Espy in St Kilda,
Nothing beats Der Raum in the cocktails and some shorthand for espresso drinks,
Grab a cuppa of ‘Seven Seeds’ freshly ground beans,
Choose from the Short Black, Long Black or Flat White,
The city stands alive with dynamic fashion scene,
Grab a chance to wear interesting hats to the Melbourne Cup horse race,
With great swirls of rich colour and noise,
You will love the cyclists and runners go past,
Explore the State Library, Hepburn Springs, the spa town, Escape room or the Healesville Sanctuary,
There is Tote in inner-city Collingwood and the lane life at Café Creperie Salon AIX,
Fix a date with the Australian green and the wildlife,
And go for the tour to Koala research,
Explore Mount Dandenong and greatest Luna Park.




The extended tram tracks take you to Telstra Dome Stadium and new Docklands,
There are Penguins inviting over from the Philip Island,
And they have a smaller colony in St. Kilda too,
The fascinating skyline 300m high Eureka Tower, the tallest building
 And there is the Mitre Tavern, built in 1837, the oldest building,
The greatest sporting arena from 1853, MCG (the Melbourne Cricket Ground)
Its home to Australian Rules football (AFL) too,
Watch it live for its speed and acrobatics,
There is cricket and football too that stirs an excitement in the gut,
With some awesome Tennis action at the Australian Open Tennis Championship in Jan,
Not to forget the Melbourne Cup Carnival in November,
 Formula One Grand Prix,
Or the famously known Melbourne International Comedy Festival,
Its happening from Summer Night Market, Fringe Festival, Boat Show to Moonlight Cinema Melbourne,
There is Multiculturalism in the city.



There is more to love about Melbourne,
It’s a melting pot of cultures from people all over the world,
It rich in human element, environment, culture, technology, better planning and legacy,
It welcomes musicians, journalists, artists, writers to live their creative dreams,
Best place for immigrants,
The Melbournians love when it rains and later when it shines,
And it’s the musical capital of Australia,
The world’s largest dedicated screen gallery is at ACMI’s,
The Neighbors tour is awesome,
And of course everyone loves the traditional Boxing Day sales,
In the Downtown Melbourne, streets are laid out at neat right angles,
The eggs on the Brunswick St.,
Halava with custard at the Crossways where you can find lots in vegetarian,
Sunshine, as its name is a sunny suburb which is the property hot spot of Melbourne,
Across several venues happens Melbourne Festival for 17 days in October,
And Author Dave Eggers called Melbourne as New York City’s spiritual cousin.


Through this poem and art, I have made an attempt to tell that how much I know about Melbourne!

The sketch depicts its love for Creative Graffiti, Coffee Buzz, Dazzling Skyline And Victorian heritage, the Arts Centre Melbourne!


Indeed there is so much to Come Alive in Melbourne…


“Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?”.

The best answer, chosen by me wins a shopping voucher worth Rs.500.

You may answer in a comment below or tweet with the hash tag #visitmelbourne

Last date for the contest is 5th Jan 2015, Hurry!

 Tourism Victoria Website


This is my post for blogging contest organized by Indiblogger and Tourism Victoria

18 thoughts on “Melbourne, one can't resist it, Can you?

  1. I would like to visit ALL the places in Melbourne but first I would like to ride the City Circle Tram because what can beat a FREE ride to all the exciting places in the city! East or West Free Stuff is the best! 😉

  2. Lovely – seems as if the whole of Melbourne is dancing to your rhyme! The sun setting at St. Kilda would be some sight for sure!

    All the best, Manjulika! 🙂

  3. For me, it has to be the MCG. Nothing can beat watching the final of the Cricket World Cup Final on 29th March :D.

  4. Great post! After reading your post & watching all the videos, I’d most like to visit the Dandenong Ranges for it’s scenic beauty, breathtaking view and cool breeze blowing through my hair. 😛 I’d give anything away for driving through the winding roads which are present throughout the ranges. I’d love to stay at one of the bed and breakfast cottages and go on frequent excursions in the forests with my camera which provides excellent views. And not to forget the famous ride in the Puffing Billy, a day reserved especially for that. To add to that, there are also several picnic spots for me and my friends to spend a fun-filled day and the ranges are a perfect spot for hiking and cycling.

    Wish you and your blog a happy new year! 😀

  5. Wonderful post and interesting videos that make me feel that
    Melbourne invites the eternal romantic in me to hold hands with my beloved and go see the Twelve Apostles .Go on long drives on the great ocean road. In the middle of nowhere in a vineyard spread a table and enjoy a meal and a glass of wine with my dear one. Enjoy the sunsets holding hands and do lots of shopping at the Queen Victoria Market and see all the graffiti being created at the hosier lane.
    Great Post and interesting videos watching them I am sure to visit Sovereign Hill for spending some time in the era gone by. The lure of gold and panning for some nuggets is a temptation that is too much to resist. After I have found the gold I am bound to celebrate it with some wine so I will visit the vineyards and enjoy some great wine from the Yarra region .Visit the Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory and have my fill with this yummy delight.

  6. Interesting Post
    After reading your post and watching all the videos
    I feel I have stepped into a kaleidoscope called Melbourne
    Where Vistas of experiences would unfold one after another
    The nature lover in me is enticed by the thought of watching the penguin parade.
    Traveling though the great ocean road, soaking up the freshness as the breeze ruffles my hair gets me in the mood to pack my bags for Melbourne.
    But before I can move ,Puffing Billy whistles and invites me for a ride. The kid in me jumps with joy at the thought of visiting Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory
    Even before I can deside on the list of places that I would like to see in and around Melbourne.
    What’s that noise that I hear ?
    Oh its loud cheer from MCG as the cricket world cup 2015 is about to kick start.
    So many plces to see and so much to do.
    I am thetimetraveler ( ) and I have decided … Melbourne here I come ( ).

  7. I will love to travel way above the city to the Eureka Skydeck… and the sight of a vibrant city from this height is sure to give me some really interesting perspectives.
    The other reasons for my opting for the Eureka Skydeck are:
    1. Watching and photographing both heritage and modernistic or contemporary architecture from above will be refreshing and rather interesting for my blog.
    2. Watching a city go about its routine day without hearing any of the obfuscating noises will obviously make my mind create some wonderful fantasy stories about the city.
    3. Interacting with other tourists in the limited confines of the Skydeck will probably give me other insights into the city that I would otherwise not have.
    4. Have an intimate conversation with the tallest structure in Melbourne will surely mean a lot and will give a lot of opportunity to do inspired blogging later.

    Arvind Passey

  8. I would like to visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) which is located in Yarra Park. Cricket has fancied me since childhood. I still remember those days when the elders in my neighbourhood used to start shouting and hunting for us the moment the cricket ball hit by me broke one of their window panes. Running away from them was even more exciting than playing cricket itself.

    I used to follow every cricket match played by India religiously and used to analyse and discuss it with friends and siblings for days and months. Being such an enthusiastic fan of cricket, visiting one of the world’s largest cricket stadiums is one of my dreams.

    The thought of being seated amongst 95,000 other fans of cricket and cheering the players itself sounds exciting to me. Such large cricket stadiums are one of the ways to explore how much the passion for cricket has penetrated among the people of the world. MCG is located in Yarra Park, which also has many other sporting fields. This would allow me to explore not just cricket, but also many other games.

  9. Hi!
    We know beauty never need words but without words it cannot be explained and when you get wordless after seeing it… your mouth still get open wide and WOW comes out. Dear! Your explanation about Melbourne is wonderful and picturesque description. I am a person who always attracted to nature first of any place so I would love to see the Melbourne Nature & Wildlife. The 12 Apostles rock formations is world famous rocks which changes its color in sunrise and sun set. And then I will see the Phillip Island Nature Park where I want to see the animals which I hardly see in India. I never saw Penguins, Koala and other animals.
    Driving on a smooth road with natural beauty around you, it always gives you a feeling of heaven on Earth. I would love to drive on Great Ocean Road which is also famous in world to give you a scenic experience and the pleasure of that driving is amazing.


  10. Great post! After reading your post & watching all the videos, I would definitely want to visit all those amazing places when I get to visit Melbourne 🙂 But of all, my top pick would be a visit to Yarra valley for a beautiful sunrise balloon flight. After seeing the video, I can’t stop myself from dreaming a romantic magical flight above the scenic vineyards and watching the sunrise from up above! Throw in my favorite wine, I will doubly enjoy the ride sipping my glass and taking sensational selfies all the way 🙂 Now I can’t think of a better way of spending a vacation!!

    Next of course, cruising through the great ocean road in a open-top car to enjoy the coastal scenery and the iconic 12 apostles for the nature’s amazing work at play. Then a ride around the city in the vintage trams to enjoy its urban splendor and the legendary puffing billy to enjoy its natural splendor. Finally a day at the hot springs to unwind and totally rejuvenate myself 🙂

  11. Amazing Article.
    If I get a chance to visit Melbourne then
    I would like to spend my time in the Great Otway National Park, because I love watching animals. I would love to take a city tour by travelling on the Tram’s of Melbourne. By travelling in tram’s I want to explore every nook & corner of Melbourne. Besides this I would love to watch the amazing architectures of Melbourne like Eureka Tower, Royal Exhibition Building, etc. And without enjoying festivals, my journey would be incomplete so I will celebrate Australian Festivals.
    And how can I forget The MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). As cricket is my favourite sport I would love to watch the Cricket world cup final which will take place at the largest stadium of Australia, that is, MCG.

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