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Never Turn down the ‘Turn Down Service’ in Hotels

Turn down service

You must watch this video below! I bet, next time when you will hear a knock on your hotel room and the housekeeping staff will offer you turndown service or evening service, you will never turn them down.  Until I learned about it all during the making of this video, I would never take it seriously and often refuse them politely at the door itself. I would do this because I did not know what difference it made to my room or its setup or to my sleep later. On the other days, when I was not in my room for thee whole day and returned late in the evening, I hardly ever noticed the little things that had been done in my absence, to ensure a good night sleep. To this I would also add that not all hotels but luxury offer evening service and this is another reason why I have been ignorant for all this while. But now, I ensure that I never turn down the ‘turn down’ service whenever its available. Everyone who is particular about their sleeping habits and believes in the science of peaceful sleeping will love to know more about it.



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Is your room prepared for the night?





In the month of April, I had a wonderful staycation at ITC Maurya, New Delhi as a part of  ‘Responsible Luxury Fellowship’. No doubt, it was an unique experience for me but it wasn’t a vacation in real because a lot of learning, talking and video shooting happened during 2 days. During my stay, I got a chance to see a lot of things that happen ‘behind the scene’ and also learn about the little things and the big things that are part and parcel of a hospitality brand as coveted as ITC hotels.  Responsible Luxury is one of their most talked about initiatives where they have been ensuring their guests complete luxury but guilt-free. To pamper every guest to the fullest and yet be committed to sustainability, despite of the humongous demands of hospitality  is a great milestone in itself. When I got a chance to look into it deeper, I was absolutely in for it. Of the five videos that I shot with them, this one is my favorite because of two reasons. First, I love sleeping. Second, I did not know what ‘turn down’ meant in the hotel vocabulary.







In the last five years, I might have evolved as a travel blogger. I am greedy for unique experiences but I must confess that I am a traveler who loves her comfort above all. I never quote myself as a budget traveler or a luxury traveler or a solo traveler but I wouldn’t mind saying it ever that I am a comfort loving traveler.  My travels take me to many luxury hotels, budget hotels, hotel apartments, homestays, boutique set ups etc. and the two things that I am very particular about are clean loos and the linen of the bed. Sleeping is as important to me as eating and clutter/trash freaks me out. Living a life outside the comfort of home is not easy but I always ensure I do not compromise on these things even on my travels.



As people know me, I love sleeping. It helps me to rejuvenate and prepare for the next day. If I am not able to sleep well previous night, I am not able to enjoy the day after that. Lack of sleep makes me cranky.  We all know it is very important to keep our mind and body free of thoughts to call for a good sleep but what we don’t know is that there is a whole lot of science that goes behind in putting us to sleep. There are physiological patterns of sleeping and our surroundings play a great role in helping us relax for the day. Lot of things like stress, technology, activities of the day, conversations and food play with our sleep patterns. I am glad that hotel industry has been working towards it to make it better for us. They ensure to give us a good sleep while we are on our business trips, vacations or weekend getaways. Thus, they say sleep like a baby!



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Like me, if you thought that turn down was only about ‘not agreeing about something and rejecting it out rightly’ or putting the switch down or a sign, it means much more in the hotel industry. Not all hotels do this but some are best at what they do. At ITC Maurya, they made me understand what it was all about. Preparing your room, removing the bed covers, pulling down the curtains for the night means ‘turn down’ but that is not all. A set of things are done to put us to sleep quickly and comfortably. The team of house keeping knows it best. Apart from setting up the bed and linen, spreading of the foot mat, placing of the slippers, the room is also equipped with indulgences that get in us the sleep mode. From cookies to eye masks to herbal elixirs to chocolate milk to pampering oils, they provide for all. And last but not the least, if you need something more, you can call for that too. They pamper us well but at the same time they take care of our health and body too. I am sure you get that idea from the video above.



When I shared this video shot at ITC Maurya, a number of my friends and family members told me that they did not know what ‘turn down service’ was and this video gave them an idea. I am glad it helped. Thank you!

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  1. I have often felt guilty while enjoying luxury in 5 star and above hotels. It’s so good to know that a brand as reputed as ITC is taking initiative to take it to next level. And oh, loved the fact that they take the sleep of their guests so seriously. Nice video.

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