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Sursingdhar: The 5 kilometers trek was breathtaking and inspiring

Sursingdhar looked gorgeous from my balcony

Here I write this post on Sursingdhar to spread the love for the mountain trails. I must confess I fear going to the mountains because they always make me nervous in my knees. I feel scared of falling from the heights. No less, the curvy edges give me goosebumps. I love traveling but the bulky side of me keeps me away from the beautiful nature trails of the mountains.  I always thought I would shed those extra kilos first and then go looking for the ranges but I was wrong.

Surreal Sursingdhar

Lovely cuts and turns of the mountainous terrain

Thank God, the stunning trip to a gem of Uttarakhand at 6000 ft. happened to me much before getting into the complexities of weight loss. Above all I must not forget to boast and celebrate my success of doing a 5 kilometer trek through the gorgeous stretches of green, grassy Sursingdhar village in the Tehri district.

Sursingdhar proved to be an adventure as well as a soul soothing sojourn

My Himalayan Eco-lodges property where I stayed gave us lovely views of Tehri Dam and the mighty Nanda Devi both.

With the recent getaway to this exotic beauty of Uttarakhand which is 65 kms from Rishikesh, I can say that one does not need to go far to appreciate or experience extraordinary beauty, location or sight of the majestic mountains or natural beauty. Just pick an off-beat destination close to your city and find your peace. Once you will take that journey, the silence and the peacefulness of the surroundings will win over all your physical weaknesses and mental ailments.

Don’t postpone the trip to the mountains

When I walked 5 kilometers in the mountains

Close to the New Tehri town, overlooking Nanda devi peaks, our property provided for an expert guide to take us for a trekking trip. This was my first one thus I was excited and nervous both. In the mountains, a lot depends on the leader who heads the trail. We had Mr. Ravi with us who was an expert at his job.  He had great convincing and inspiring capabilities and with this he actually succeeded in keeping our momentum high and making us do the 5 kilometers stretch in one go.

We started our trail right outside our property. The tower kept watching us.

The trails and nature walks always help to see the pristine beauty of any gorgeous place more closely. The long pine forests, meandering rustic roads, lush greenery, unknown paths, birds, intoxicating fresh air, rustic village life, everything looked absolutely inviting in Sursingdhar too.  I was not sure if I would be able to do the hilly walk but I did not want to ‘stay back and relax’ too. When Ravi Sir said I could do it, I was convinced that I would do it. 

Right at the outset of the walk, the beautiful local life began to mesmerize us.

Beautiful and sweet houses The concrete houses below looked beautiful too Pahari cousin of Apricot- Chuli


And some fruit picking and selfie time with the local ladies


3 travel bloggers- friends trekking together

Just a kilometer down, I had begun to enjoy myself. The path of the trek was getting really very interesting. Every step had to be taken very carefully. There were narrow lanes to be followed but the unfolding surprises and picturesque beauty at every turn kept my spirits high. At 6000 ft my lungs were feeling happy breathing in fresh gallons of air.


Unadulterated beauty of Tehri district


The fascinating pine trees The sunlight lit the surroundings and made it shine and glow


Great scenic beauty


The pakka roads in between made the trail beautiful

Our group had 8 members but each one of us was enjoying their experience in their own way. I was walking slowly to capture and absorb the amazing colors of the surroundings. In the mountains the best part is there is myriad and unique landscapes at our disposal. In the moments when it becomes difficult to walk, one can always stop and stare, there is always something awe-inspiring. Ravi Sir and another team member along with him were acquainting us with the local life and culture. Quaint tribal villages, charming meadows, untouched, raw natural beauty were already making the trek absolutely rewarding for me.

Water tank declared we had completed 2.5 kilometers

Till the water tank, it had all been a cake-walk because we had been doing the down-hill. The thrill of exploring the mountains had kept us going and none of us had complained of tiredness. But this was the end of all that seemed easy and fun. I was happy to learn that we had completed the trek for 2.5 kilometers. Now the remaining journey comprised of uphill. The real trekking was about to begin and I was getting goosebumps. But in the mountains there is no looking back. There was no other way to make it to the property than just climb.


Hubby was enjoying life in the mountains away from his laptop


So now that we had completed 2.5 kilometers


One of the member who was from the property and was accompanying us along with Ravi Sir


Now it was start of uphill

It was now Ravi Sir’s role to keep us motivated and he successfully did that. He created lovely picture of the Sunset atop the hill that made us walk for that one lovely sight. Whenever we stopped he lifted our spirits and said that the destination was just five minutes away. However, when we reached there he would come up with another fascinating description of another place. This way he made us cover big chunks of the uphill. Some slow people like me did miss on the sunset but yet the view of the orange turned sky could be enjoyed from every point of the walk.

Geared up for uphill walk The beautiful orange glow had begun to spread in the sky There was more to come round this corner


This is the best I could click


Next we walked into some pine forests and posed for lovely pictures. With increasing height our happiness was growing too. For everyone there was a different motivation. Naina and I were looking forward to some chicken pakodas and Manik and Akanksha to the veg ones. All four of us and our eyes were searching for the temple first and the tower where it had all started. Everything about the last two hours had been thrilling and adventurous.

Akansha, Manik, I and Naina L to R


Ravi sir sitting next to me. He was encouraging me to do more of trekking.


The Sura temple which was just atop our property. This meant we had reached close-by to our starting point. Finally we were back to the tower where we had started

I absolutely felt proud of myself at having done a 5 kilometer trek at Sursingdar. Later in the night we gossiped over good food, did some star gazing and slept as happy and satisfied souls. The best part was my legs were not paining at all. The mountains had done something magical to me.

Where to stay and make merry?

I stayed at one of the Himalayan Ecolodges property and it turned out to be a beautiful experience. It comes with one of the best hospitality services in the most stunning surroundings.

Happy Traveling!!!

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  1. What a truly amazing time we had! The post brought back fond memories and now I don’t feel like getting back to work.

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