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With the Cuckoo Clock at my home, here I join the German Traditions

My previous trips to Europe have been like fairy tale stories. Having lived in Oslo for more than a month and been around Sweden, France and Switzerland, my love for Europe has been enhanced manifold. We all know that this part of the world is blessed with unfathomable beauty, gorgeous landscapes, splendid culture and inspiring customs and traditions. Europe is intoxicating indeed!

Lets do a virtual trip to Germany before I present a brief about the GNTO press conference that I recently attended. Quoting the words of the Ambassador Mr. Stein…

Germany makes a travel destination quite much as you think but its equally different as one may not know. It has a totally different side to it which is equally fascinating.

I wouldn’t shy away from accepting the fact that since 7th May 2015, this beautiful country and one of the favored European destination-Germany has been on my mind. The aroma of the 300 types of freshly baked breads from the German bakeries and Aachen Printen ginger bread dates have already started to do intoxicating rounds in my mind. The cuckoo clock from Baden Wurttemberg in southern Germany, the picturesque vineyards in the 13 wines regions , Lubeck’s Marzipan, Weimar’s Onion Fair, Frankfurt’s green sauce, Christmas tree decorations from Lauscha and round the year activities taking place in Germany have made the traveler in me both curious and restless. I can’t wait to learn and be a part of the German tradition.  Are you with me?

The booklet that is helping me to learn about Germany better!

A press conference that took place at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, New Delhi on Thursday (7th May) was all about strumming a traditional and cultural chord around Germany. German National Tourist Office (GNTO) launched a new campaign theme for 2015- ‘Germany- Traditions and Customs’.  India is a nation of strong culture and rich diversity, thus as Indians we have an appreciative eye for traditions and customs of other countries as well.

It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Romit Theophilus, Director GNTO, India personally. He reached out to everyone (journalists and bloggers) individually before the start of the event. When the press conference flagged off, it was a pleasure to listen to the German Ambassador H.E. Mr. Michael Steiner who painted an impressive picture of Germany before our eyes.

Before the Press conference German Ambassador Michael Steiner with Romit Theophilus, Director Sales & Marketing GNTO

Honestly, I wasn’t aware that Germany had so much to offer as a traditional and cultural destination. I have known about the German Beer Purity Law, oldest food regulation ( one of its kinds ) that stands strong since 1516, the glittering gem wonders and my favorite Black Forest cake has its origins from there but beyond that I was clueless.

A few things that I learnt during the course of the event and they have caught my fascination are…

  • Germany is about the Christmas markets of medieval towns
  • 3 out of 10 most lively countries are in Germany- Berlin, Dusseldorf and Munich
  • Germany has an extremely fun side to it with a striking diversity
  • Hamburg, the port beauty opens up to the world cheerfully. From the look of the cargo loaded ships, its so easy to conclude about the world economy.
  • Berlin is vibrant and colorful
  • Munich is silent because its bold and confident of its beauty…. We are who we are…
  • Amazing festivals that happen round the year. To name a few like Hamburg Port Anniversary, Hessentag Festival, Oktoberfest in Munich, German Grape harvest festival, Onion fair are very famous. There are many more that I am reading about with curiosity and will update in my next blog post.

Connecting the Indian soul. How is the Germany tourism making it attractive for the Indian travelers?

  • I learnt that India is incredibly famous in Germany
  • Indian students are known to be hardworking and diligent
  • There is a yoga center in every German city
  • Bollywood has its aficionados in the German locals
  • Quite affordable hotels in comparison to other neighboring countries

 Mr. Romit Theophilus also gave us a peek into the tourist numbers each year. Its been on an increase. He also talked about the growing numbers of tourists and how Germany was a favorite among the Indians. The scenic routes are fascinating, the culture is magical and that there is so much about customs and traditions in the country that it can be celebrated all round the year, yes 365 days.

There was more that was said at the conference that made me happy. GNTO is looking forward to use social media to strengthen their traditional image. I am glad they are looking forward to interact directly with customers adopting a B2C approach. As a travel blogger, it was a nice experience for me to be at the launch of their new campaign. I have an eye for the global culture and thus I was all glad to learn about a new country.

In my next post, I will talk about more about the German festivals…

A beautiful cut out of the Cuckoo clock is already at home and this will make me a part of the German Tradition.

The world is a beautiful place…. Keep Traveling, Keep Exploring!!!

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  1. Wow, i just wrote about Yoga in my latest post…didn’t know Germans are so fond of it 🙂
    I would love to see entire Europe, i have it as my long standing wish.

    Btw, Black Forest is my favorite too 🙂

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