Before the World Cup Season while we have been jittery answering this tough one- Will India be able to defend their title at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015?,  the team has already given us two wins and taken away the nervousness. Yes, the team deserves all the cheers and applauds for a superb start. I am sure in this age of technology there isn’t a cricket fan left who hasn’t updated or tweeted about it yet. On the last two Sundays, the timelines on my twitter and Facebook pages absolutely went berserk. The happiness oozed out in gallons on the social media where fans cheered at every ball.

Well we all know that India is a nation where Cricket is considered more than a game. It is almost like a religion that emotionally binds and blinds the fans. Just like we love to celebrate our festivals together, we also love to watch our cricket matches together. Rather I have learnt that people in different parts of the country have always had their own way of cheering for the Indian team. While some do lunch and dinner parties with friends and family, others gang around in restaurants. The older generations still loves to hook to their television/radio while the on-the-go people keep an update through cricinfo now and no one cares for the pollution from crackers if India wins. Well the crux of the story is all of us madly love to cheer for cricket and none wishes to be on the losing side.   😉

Yes  #WeWontGiveItBack !

What if I give you a better reason to cheer whole-heartedly not just for India but for other teams too? The Akshaya Patra Foundation along with three supporters ESPNcricinfo, Foodpanda and Freecharge have come together with a very unique concept where our cricket love will give us a chance to provide food for children.  I am glad such causes are being promoted through platform where people can donate, in order to give mid-meals to 1.4 million kids, for a whole school year.

What is #tickettocheer?

Ticket to cheer is a great way to combine sports love  and social cause. For every match, you support a team. And by supporting your favorite team with your ‘Ticket to Cheer’,  you sponsor one child’s mid-day meal for an academic year. The ticket comes at a price of Rs. 750 and this small amount will be used to provide tasty, nutritious mid-day meal to a child every day.

4 simple ways of doing it after you go to the site

  • Select your favorite team & match with the help of the scroll bar.
  • Contribute to the cause – Rs. 750
  • Receive a ‘Ticket to Cheer’ for your chosen team & match almost instantly.
  • Share your personalized ‘Ticket to Cheer’ on social media.

Hope you don’t forget to grab your ticket to cheer this  World Cup season.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is an Indian non-profit organisation that runs the world’s largest school feeding programme. Reaching out to over 1.4 million children a day, across 10,661 government schools in 23 locations and 10 states of India, Akshaya Patra is on a mission to feed 5 million children by 2020.

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