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Grand Presidential Suite, ITC Maurya, Review, Experience

When I Walked Inside ITC Maurya’s Grand Presidential Suite

Before this, I had never seen a Grand Presidential Suite!  So of course this walk-around definitely makes a place on my ‘unique experiences’ list. I bet you will enjoy reading more about it.     When I received the invite to stay at one of the best and biggest ‘Eco Friendly Hotel’ ITC Maurya (LEED certified) as part of the ‘Responsible Luxury fellowship’ initiative, …

Luxury Festival, Lamborghini, Car, Luxury festival 2016, Delhi

When I Was Travel-Inspired At The Luxury Festival

I attended the Luxury Festival in Delhi on 3rd April and the credit goes to KLM India for promptly arranging passes for me.     Does Luxury festival sound unique to you? Well,  it should because it was the first Luxury Festival ever organized in the capital. Jointly hosted by Quintessentially Lifestyle Services India and GroupM (a WPP Company) …


Delhi and Luxury go hand in hand

Delhi, the capital of India is a city that undoubtedly rates high on culture and heritage. While offering a heady mix of past and the present, it is adorned with classic Mughal architecture to modern artsy delights.  The mouth-watering street food in the old parts of the city is any day an unforgettable experience. Shopping is another delightful indulgence in the city and one really can’t do without hopping in …

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