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Delhi and Luxury go hand in hand

Delhi, the capital of India is a city that undoubtedly rates high on culture and heritage. While offering a heady mix of past and the present, it is adorned with classic Mughal architecture to modern artsy delights.  The mouth-watering street food in the old parts of the city is any day an unforgettable experience. Shopping is another delightful indulgence in the city and one really can’t do without hopping in the south Delhi posh markets.  Delhi is no less a city that spoils you for the good and as a traveller you have many options to make your way entertainment. I am proud to say that my city has it all from the contemporary exhibition galleries to the lovely museums to high-end malls to the luxurious hotels.

Lets see what makes the capital dazzle with luxury. The upscale hotels in New Delhi are gorgeous places that are centres of both indulgence and luxury. Most of them being high rise make their own style statements and speak for their brands. Within their interiors one can find impossible possibilities of global food platters, patisserie and delectable indulgences. Lavishness and luxury defines and dictates their stylish suites. The interiors of most of the 5 star hotels in Delhi boast of exotic floorings,  dazzling lights, modern art, boutique corners, classy coffee-shops and jazzy bars. These are strategically placed to grab the eyeballs of the visitors. But this is not all. Nowadays, as a traveller people look for complete rejuvenation. The hotel must have spacious swimming pool, in-door games, spa-sessions, shops, coffee area, meeting rooms etc.

Deluxe accommodation, global food, 24 hour hospitality, top-notch amenities are not the only words associated with these palatial buildings, nowadays the 5 star hotels in Delhi have mastered the art of pampering the most discerning guests from world over. People look for different things in their stays in the hotels. While most of them want a hassle free stay, there are others who look for more. Here comes luxury, elegance and tranquillity. One that provides all goes on to satisfy their customers best. If you are in Delhi, the area around the Connaught Place houses some of the really big ones and South Delhi is the place to look for these high-rise facades. Over the year, the commercial area around the International Airport has really turned out well. Most of the global players in 5 star hotels have come up with their luxury branches to give serve the travellers.

As a traveller, I definitely enjoy my stay amidst comforts and luxuries. For me luxury is about lavish breakfast buffets, useful kits in the room, spacious washrooms, spas and swimming pool area. More than that I look for helpful staff at the desk and beyond it. Recently a fellow blogger made me notice that luxury hotels must be prepared to handle handicap or old people too so that one can visit these places with family members on wheelchairs too. Luxury should mean comfort for everyone and upscale properties must see into the comfort of everyone. I am glad luxury hotels in Delhi are living up to the expectations of visitors from world over.

Do you have a fascination for any luxury hotel in Delhi? Name it !

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  1. Le Meridien is one where I visited a lot. Other than that, one small hotel which was good for its price. Delhi does have good hotels where you can stay to enjoy your visit.

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