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We are happily moving to an app-only world

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A few decades back who had thought that a portable, wireless device with some keys on top of it would become a prominent part of our life. None had imagined that a smartphone would dominate our life so much that we would use it for planning our calendar, taking our daily doze of news, checking the latest fashion, doing online shopping, ordering food, monitoring our calories intake, counting our footsteps, finding places to travel, etc.  Thanks to the beautiful world of applications. The software developers give us new applications everyday and we technology crazy people lap it up at a faster pace.

A recent survey shows that mobile data penetration will increase by 50 times in next few years. No doubt, our generation loves to do everything on-the-go. There is indeed so much to do on our mobile phones while traveling in a bus or metro, waiting in a queue or lying on the bed leisurely. As customers we want everything quick and easy. If I want to check what Kangana wore for the latest fashion show, I would rarely go for my laptop but simply use an app or maybe Google it asap. The moment anything new and fashionable catches my eye, I hardly take time to track it.  They are available for sale on the online shopping apps and its so easy to order them. Being fashionable and trendy is just a click way.

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As a travel blogger, I can vouch that some really useful,  interesting and innovative applications have made our life very easy.  A few years ago when we hardly knew how to plan our holidays, today we get ready made itinerary.  Not a day goes waste because an application will always give you more information and places to see than you can handle. These applications have also made so easy to share our reviews, feedback about any location or place. These applications help us to connect through one common theme.  Also, the first hand accounts of travellers world over come out to be very handy and help us decide for the better. These applications have made travels do-able and more interesting. No doubt they help us to discover new places too.


Applications industry has a rosy tomorrow.  As consumers, we are on look out for the best and innovative ones. If tomorrow there comes an application where I can see how a dress fits me without even trying it on me, I would be eager to own it in my phone as soon as possible.  I still remember how I had done my first online shopping from Myntra and had anxiously waited for the delivery. Till it happened, had to live with anxious moments that what if the colour wasn’t the same as I had ordered for or the dress would not fit me, what would happen then, etc.   When I had got the product, I had loved it absolutely. And today its one of my favourite shopping place which has a great app too. Our imagination never rests and as humans our cravings never end thus our demands will never end. I wish for a technologically rich app-only world because a lot can happen over an app. Applications have the power to change the way we see the world.  I am sure our next generation will make the most of these applications.  What’s your say?

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