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Travel Big in Less with me -I am Lufthansa's A-380



Lufthansa’s 380 has chosen to give a human personified talk on ‘Why Bigger is Better for Indian Aviation’ and how it will play a role in it.

Hallo (Namaskar) Readers,
Do you know me?
Okay, lemme introduce myself,
I am a magnificent beauty, a huge man-made birdie,
73-metre-long (239-feet), European super jumbo is me.
My job is to fly above the clouds and connect different parts of the world for you,
If you ever dreamt of a giant airplane, I am the realization of your powerful dream.

I am a classic example of real beauty and pioneering technology,
I am a masterpiece of engineering achievement.
With combination of comfort, luxury and efficiency,  
I have earned my name as the World’s Largest Passenger Jet,
My creators call me an aeronautical wonder.
From start to finish, I am comfortable, affordable and simply impeccable,
I am Lufthansa’s double decker, green giant, I am A-380.

Environmentally and financially I am absolutely good for the aviation industry in India.
At 95 miles per gallon per passenger, I think towards greener world.
More space means communal areas to stand up and walk around in better.
I am here to take the Indian aviation on a high because I am a fuel saving monster,
Less pollution, more people, reduced carbon footprint is my aim,
More efficient, more environmentally friendly,
Big from the outside, I am mostly about less expenses,
Lower fuel burn, longer range, less noise, lower emissions, overall lower airfares!

Indian market is growing fast,
The number of travelers is increasing multi-fold and I have come to enhance it more,
I am super happy as I have started flying on my new route from New Delhi to Frankfurt,
My job is to take people traveling in a bigger, better and cost effective way,
Indians love luxury and I am here to do the honors,
I am big and Delhi airport is big too,
In the times of low profit margins, I am here to help Indian aviation rise and shine,
I am big, I fly more people together on one place and thus I decrease air congestion,
More, I wish to inspire people to travel, I wanna make them fall in love with me,
I am here to utilize the unused space at the airport and decrease air congestion as well.

If you love luxury, experience me,
Come have the smoothest and peaceful take off with me,
I allow you to view or listen to your own media,
I boast of AC power ports, USB ports and iPhone chargers.
I have sound-absorbing carpets and round bar,
My lighting system automatically adjusts to the time of day,
I am gonna surprise you with new long-haul premium economy too,
I am a double decker divided into economy and premium, thus I charm every kind of traveler.

When was last time when you saw something as vast as me in the air?
I am precious, I am a rare feat and I have come to take aviation industry on a new pedestal,
Not just about great comforts, I am about fuel efficiency per passenger mile too.
Orville and Wilbur Wright sowed the seed of air travel,
And I am here to take the legacy forward.
You can’t resist marveling at my sheer size,
And I give you all from big room space to bigger and better reasons to travel,
When  you will travel more, Aviation industry will profit more.
Thus, I will go flying in other big cities soon.

I have come to charm you with my luxurious hook ups,
With the state-of-the art first class, I am outstandingly entertaining,
Travelers are surely gonna love me and aviation industry will go on a high with me,
In the stressful times, I am here to revolutionize comfort,
I am sensational, I am gorgeous, I am big hearted and I am here to win over your hearts,
You are absolutely welcome in the world of big amenities with lesser air ticket costs,
And here I promise to take you to my beautiful country, Germany!
Come, let’s go flying!!!

This is my entry for  Lufthansa India  blogging contest with Indiblogger.

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