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Save the Species because I want the kids to see them in real!

Endangered Species

All Endangered species must be saved but I have my three favorites as below…

My growing up years were all about Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh. Having spent fifteen years in the city of Nawabs I carry fond memories of that place. As a child, I dint have much understanding about architecture and food but I had  my own favorite places in the city. Visiting the Lucknow zoo at least twice in an year was like a ritual to me. I loved going there to spot the zebra, elephant, peacock, lion, monkeys, etc and do my train ride to. But if you ask me more I miss about Lucknow, I would say my trails in and around Kukrail Picnic spot and Ghariyal Breeding center.


For the first time, I had visited the place when I was eight years old. For a week I had only talked about the ghariyals and my father had to refer several books to answer my curious questions. I remember I had clapped with a thrilling shriek when I had seen the fish eating, long nosed crocodile for the first time from a distance. Of course I had been scared too when one of them had stealthily crawled out of water but no less the memories have stayed strong forever. In Kukrail, one not only gets to see the gavial (ghariyals,)  there are sections to learn about their life from birth to adulthood too. Never ever did I get a chance again to see them other than Kukrail. After 22 years I still remember the first time.


Indian Ghariyal needs to be saved, firstly because it is the most endangered reptile in India. More importantly, this crocodile specie is native to India. The world doesn’t has it, isn’t it rare? And lastly, I want my kids, the younger generation to see them in real. The experience of seeing them in real can not be imagined or read in books. I still remember my first time, that’s the impact. If one has seen them, only then one can proudly talk about the lovely creations of God. Kukrail Gavial Rehabilitation Center is one of the most successful conservation project of India!



Monu, the kiddo in my neighborhood happened to read about peacocks in his science class one day and very next day he asked his parents ‘Why was the peacock chosen as the national bird of India?’  Thankfully the parents could take to Google and give him a convincing answer. They told him many interesting things about the national bird and hwy it has been known as a beautiful bird of great cultural significance. Not only it is considered a symbol of grace, beauty and love, it is also associated with monsoons and rains. Christians connect peacocks to resurrection. Islamic architecture too have figures of peacocks because the Mughals loved them. King Aurangzeb had banned  shooting and killing of them. The richness of colors on its body makes it utterly beautiful and it is famous as an impressive dancer.


Next when Monu asked them, – ‘When and where can I see it for real?’  The poor parents fell short of a reply. But soon they promised that they will take him to a bird park. In the cities, it is isn’t so easy to spot peacocks. I have seen them in my Dad’s native place. When I say I have seen them, I feel an amazing connect. What will we as parents do when peacocks will extinct? How shameful it will be to say, the national bird doesn’t exist now. The bird that danced beautifully is gone forever. We attacked their habitat, shot them and lost them forever. To answer our young ones, lets save them for the younger generations.


Well our connection with elephant starts right from the age when we learn reciting alphabets. The childhood memories stays forever.  For me ‘E’ has always meant an elephant. The small little eyes, mammoth body, sword shaped white tusk and grey-black skin makes an Asian elephant strong and sturdy. When you see them in real, the goosebumps appear instantly. I had my chance of seeing them and when they played with their trunk, I thought it was Lord Ganesha doing it. But before that one goes awestruck to see the huge presence. The baby elephants are adorable, absolutely cute!Among all, elephants need to be protected foremost because their birth rates are very low and their calf mortality is very high.  Most importantly, major habitat changes will take place if elephants will get extinct. A habitat chaos will occur. Elephants have a great role to play in maintaining the ecosystem. An environment caretaker is lost whenever an elephant is lost. The forests are needed to let the elephant feel at home and thus other animals feel protected too. When an elephant is saved, ecosystem is saved!


Let us save them all  otherwise our children will get to see their skeleton museums and movies made on them . Bookish knowledge will  never give them the same pleasure as real. Most importantly, without these beautiful species, the world would not be the same place!!

I am participating in the Save the Species contest for the book “Capturing Wildlife Moments in India” in association with Saevus Wildlife India,  read the reviews for the book ‘Capturing Wildlife Moments in India’ here “

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