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The Bitcoin Thriller

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Book Review: God Is A Gamer by Ravi Subramanian

We live in a greedy world! I wonder what a thriller book would read like if money, revenge or vested  interests weren’t involved. The book in question is the first ever bitcoin thriller and it revolves around money that isn’t real. The attractive elements of the plot are virtual money, encrypted wallet, money laundering, gaming, ATM heist, and on-line transactions and put together it all makes a very tempting platter.

I know I am really late on this one. Honestly, I have wanted to read it for long but there were genuine reasons for which it got postponed. The truth is I always look forward to Ravi Subramanian’s work and prefer reading it in a state of mind when the mind is less cluttered. He has a past of delivering thrillers that don’t let you sleep until you are done with them in one go. This one did the same to me. It is unputdownable. I bet he can make you fall in love with thrillers.

In One sentence

Bitcoins to gaming to Atm heist to cyber-crime, spaced out by murders, the plot is absolutely gripping and the end took me by surprise. Uniquely crafted storyline!

Cover Design, Blurb and the Title

In my view, the title should have been a little more peppy. The use of lots of black color on the cover design seems intentional as the book talks of money that is not white but severely grey. The silhouette of the tall man standing before the White House builds on the suspense right at the outset. The blurb hardly briefs what lies inside for the reader but seriously its tough to sum up whats inside the 300 pages. There is too much of adrenaline rush.


From Washington to Delhi, there are too many cities involved. The different stories divided over small chapters introduce unique characters. The first chapter sets the pace when old pal of President of United States of America is blown to pieces. Next the PM of India declares that he wouldn’t let the finance minister’s muse chair the RBI governor’s seat. In the following chapters, Mumbai brings in lot of action involving people and happenings at New York International Bank.   The twist and turns set in when Indiscape Gaming Corporation brings in a new game Townsville. While ups and downs around gaming and politics keep you hooked to the book, the sizzling romantic angle thickens the plot brilliantly. Last but not the least, the investigative agencies lead to a story around a adopted child and this ends interestingly. The mystery in the book is unique, exciting as well as adventurous.

God is a Gamer came out to be an exciting puzzle for me. The world of gaming and the virtual money was all new to me so I found the book very engaging. Also for a change there wasn’t much of banking jargon in here.  The suspense remains intact till the end and even if you have spotted the culprit, the revelations just change the whole mind set. The past of the protagonists connects really well with their actions in the present.  I would want to read how would Tanya and Aditya react if they got to know the reality that spills out after the epilogue. Wow! that was some unexpected end, a reason for revenge and so skillfully planned. And somewhere it also hints at the realities of life where we do have the masterminds of big crimes living a free life. And the last pages do hint that there may be a sequel to this one.


There isn’t a moment when the story doesn’t attract. As a reader, I like the small chapters. Like always, there was so much that came as a learning in the book because as a author Ravi never tells just a story but he adds on so much either from the banking sector or investigating agencies, political or crime that a reader definitely enjoys. This time too his extensive research work speaks from the inside of the pages of the book.

For everyone who loves reading, Go grab the book! And for those who hold literary grudges against Indian authors, you must read Ravi’s work because he inspires to read as well as write.

And I would love to end it well with my favorite quote from the book

“Success is not always measured in terms of dollars earned or turnover. It is measured in terms of the difference you have made to the people around you.”

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One thought on “The Bitcoin Thriller

  1. This is very intriguing, M. Especially since I am working on a bitcoin thriller, too. (Perhaps not a “bitcoin thriller” per se, but a thriller where the use of bitcoin is a major plot element.) Thanks for posting this review — I’d better hurry up and finish my book!! 😀

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