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Singapore And Its Alluring Stories

A close friend has just returned from Singapore after a long holiday and has come back superbly impressed. This was her first overseas trip ever. And there is no doubt about it that first time is always a first time. As a travel addict, I could read the excitement in her eyes. In fact, I …


Marina Bay Sands – The Iconic Lion City

I visited Singapore less than a year ago and frankly speaking, I was awed by this epitome of luxury and compelling attractions. If you are visiting Singapore, then it is hard to keep away from this man-made architectural marvel developed by Las Vegas Sands. Marina Bay Sands is a charmer amidst the Singaporean skyline. If …


50 pictures from Singapore

Are you planning to visit Singapore any time soon? I was mighty impressed with it. Here are my favorite 50 pictures from there.      Well, this is a special time and year to go ahead with your plans. 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of  its independence from Malaysia.  The little city state has great plans to celebrate …

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