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In Singapore, I loved the common food of its indigenous people!

Singapore has a rich culinary heritage. The different delicacies have been born from the varied cultures that has thrived here- majorly Malay, Indian and Chinese. Singapore and Malaysia share boundaries so they celebrate it through their food varieties.  Also, there are two Chinese dialect groups in Singapore,  one is Hokkiens and the other is Teochews. A lot of traditional and staple food of Singapore are named as Hokkien dish or  Teochew dish.








My short gastronomic tour is here!  Hubby is a vegetarian but I am fond of different delicacies made of chicken.

Beyond the above, there is Hawker food culture that Singaporeans cannot survive without. I met a few friends from India in Singapore and when I asked them about the local food, almost all of them suggested,  ‘Try Hainanese chicken rice’ knowing me that I love chicken with rice.  Another variation of it is chicken rice balls.’



While strolling in the China Town area which has an amazing food options, hubby and I reached Maxwell Road Food Centre which is located downtown. This place has over 100 hawker stalls with stellar reputations that are famous for their amazing local cuisines.



Later I found out that Tian Tian is the one of the most famous one here for its chicken rice because Anthony Michael Bourdain- (Famous American chef, author, and television personality) ate here.

 Yes, it is Singapore’s “national dish”

Almost every food stall serves Chicken rice in Singapore. Its so hard to choose where to order from.




I loved it and once I started eating I was not bothered what others were doing.

Lets discover its yummy bits and bites….

  • Steamed, slippery Slices of boiled chicken that comes with plain fragrant rice, chilli sauce, cucumber garnishing, garlic, soya sauce and vinegar and chicken broth.
  • The chicken flesh is absolutely smooth, soft and tender
  • It is gelatinous, the reason behind it that as soon as chicken is poached, immediately its put in ice cold water.
  • Mind it! Its absolutely not roasted

…. And why I call it my favorite Singaporean dish!



  • The broth was yum and absolutely not spicy, deconstructed chicken soup can be called..
  • I liked this version of chicken that was completely oil-free
  • The flavors impressed my taste buds
  • Bite-size pieces and absolutely boneless made is so easy to eat
  • Rice had a delicious fragrance
  • Garlic-chilli dip was one of the best that I have had anywhere
  • Rice tasted different because it was prepared in the chicken broth and I relished it completely
  • It came as a simple, soft and smooth dish. They was nothing spicy and fiery about it
  • The juicy taste of the chicken stood out for me as a food lover
  • The bland chicken-rice was flavor-fully enriched by  spicy condiments along with it.
  • Overall the taste just stayed with me like forever until I return there.




Know more about Hainanese Chicken Rice  …

  • National dish of Singapore
  • Served at global events
  • Even Singapore Airlines serves it
  • Five stars also have their variations of Hainanese chicken rice
  • Its name comes from Hainan, an island off the southern coast of China and it evolved with local Cantonese influences


 Happy Eating in Singapore!!!


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