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Desi Roots, Saket: Its uniquely different as well as more than Desi!

Food keeps us going and we all love good food,  Isn’t it? Personally, for me its a great stress-buster. I am happy if there is good food around me. I may be full but still I always appreciate the idea of being around tempting aromas. It can easily make me hungry again. 😉

At home, my Mum is one awesome cook and thus taste quotient and flavors are always a priority for me when I choose to eat outside home. However, being an artistic person I always have an eye for themed settings, interesting interiors and accentuating sophistication to make my experience a memorable one.

When its worth a talk, I blog about it!

How about if I take you around a new and upbeat ‘all day modern Cafe & Bar’ in the heart of the place that buzzes with food and fashion? It was a Blogger’s Table at Desi Roots, Saket on 18th March.  You must read below to discover its dynamism and diversity in its cuisines and concept. And I am sure you would want to know whats the ‘Lock and Key’ ritual here.

The moment I entered,  the ambiance caught my interest almost immediately. In Red, its uniquely done with a hint of simplicity yet contemporary and young sensibilities. From milkman’s can  to a scooter’s headlight to Tinkle just next to my table, I was reminded of my childhood.

This is the childhood arena or the section that reminds us about our pleasant ‘Past’.

As I moved around, I discovered that the place is inviting to all ages as it brings together minimalist, varied and classy interior setting in its three different sections. Yes, there is a dining area next to the kitchen and then there is a bar section. Right next to it I notice a area that’s loud and fun because there is a gang of ladies doing a kitty party. So there is a corner for everyone in here.

What did Amandeep Singh tell me?

The restaurant is owned by hospitality veteran Amandeep Singh. He is been with brands like Oberoii Hotels, HardRock Cafe, Yo Sushi, etc and then he tells me it was only in the starting of his career that he had done something so Indian. When I asked him what is in the name ‘Desi Roots’? He said he did not want people to deviate from the idea of  traditional fare to food as well as he wanted to give a COOL tag to an Indian eatery.

Further, he said we Indians have a human connect with everything and thus we are emotionally connected to food as well. When food at home is always kept in covered lids on the dining table why isn’t it served that way in restaurants. The idea here is to bring out the progressive nature of the Indian cuisine along with our past and present theme settings. At last, he added that Desi Roots was here to give an experience that goes beyond food. ‘We have both taste and technique here and you will definitely find for yourself.’

Whether its films, music, truck signs or motherly rants, every Indian punch line has the potential to accommodate the past and present with equal ease and élan.

Amandeep Singh in conversation!

What did I eat? 

Loads!! The pictures will tell you the tale.

Desi Champagne in the glass and Virgin Desi by Roots in the kullad

 Virgin Desi by Roots contained Oolong tea, Lychee juice and lemongrass and it was absolutely refreshing. I enjoyed it much more than the Desi champagne.

Amuse Bouche ‘Golu Vada’

It looked so cute in the closed container. With the right amount of green and coconut chuteny it was served and I loved it.

Warm Samosa Deconstruct with aam papad chutney

Well as the name goes, it was basically a somosa filling that was never meant to go in a samosa but served with papri.  Honestly, I liked its presentation more than the taste. Yes, the golgappa and its paani that came with it was nice. Its interestingly done but I wonder why it was part of Salads in bloggers menu card?

Chipotle Chicken Tikka with Avocado Raita

This one absolutely rocks!  A 100 points for the way its served in the ‘Ishtri’. I am fond of chicken and I must say this one made my taste buds happy. If you are a non-vegetarian you know what to have on your starters menu.

Zimmikand Galawati pate with Ulte Tawe ke paranthe and Sheermal bread. Kasundhi Fish Tikka with Babloo suauce

I have never appreciated Zimmikand until I had this.  Yes, it tasted very nice. Vegetarians go for it.

Now this one is my favorite list- Kasunshi Fish Tikka. Its served with the sauce thats name after the chef’s driver.  I must tell the chef this combination rightly starts and fires the hunger. If there wasn’t a main course I would have gone for its re-order.

Sweety Saag Chicken from a friend Sweety Singh and Amabala Cantt ki Mutton Curry

See the servings. The lids are well placed. The food came on these cute toys trucks. The presentation absolutely set the mood in for eating.

The Chicken in Saag was well prepared, no doubt it was good on taste but the Mutton Curry took away all my attention. This one is absolutely a foodie’s delight. With the paratha, without the parantha the Mutton curry was absolutely a winner. Go for it!

Jamaluddin ki kheer from Badal Beg Masjid, Old Delhi  and Badam Halwa Baklawa with Shrikhand

The kheer has a story. It isn’t prepared in-house but brought in from the Badal Beg Masjid because its famous.  I don’t have a sweet tooth but must say the kheer tasted yum.

Badam Halwa Baklawa with Shikhand melted in the mouth. High on taste and flavors prepared with the right amount of sugar, this one is highly recommended from my side.

What has stayed with me?

  • The creative names on the menu with those long lost desi elements
  • The various props and elements from yester-years that created a nostalgic charm inside the restaurant
  • The yummy taste of the fish, chicken tikka, mutton curry and Baklawa
  • The food presentation ideas
  • The ambiance, the decor and the hospitality

Why I would come back here?

 What makes me return to an eatery? The experience should be no less than a celebration and the flavors should linger on my taste bud for long.

I would definitely want to come to Desi Roots for kasundi fish tikkas with “babloo” sauce and Ambala cantt mutton curry with tikone parathe and kumquat achaar.  Of course, next time I would want to try the other delicacies.

 I liked this cozy corner for myself!

Yes, you do this interesting ritual here. Everyone who checks in here at the restaurant gets a lock and key that the patron puts around the jaali and leaves a messages on it. The idea is to create a bond between you and the restaurant every time you step inside Desi Roots. I love these sweet little things.

I have a lock by my name in here too!!!  Yay.. 🙂

If you visit this place on my recommendation, do let me know about your experience.

This video is a collection of all pictures I shot in the restaurant. All the pictures have been clicked by using Asus Zenphone 6


Happy Eating!!!

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