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It was both Fun and Feast at Westin, Gurgaon

On 18th March, I had an invite to do some food tasting for Burgers, Beers and More at Westin Gurgaon. 

The  international spirit about this classic American combination ‘burger and beer’ is  the new culinary icon to have caught foodies attention in India too.  This pairing is being called a match made in heaven.

Seasonal Tastes at Westin, Gurgaon hosted a 10 day- long food festival ( 13th March till 22nd March, 2015)  centered around the new hot and cool combination- Burgers and Beers! There were some interesting, mouthwatering burgers to choose from in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections. To add to the culinary extravaganza there were some cold, crisp draft beer for the relishing gulp.

Along with that, I also enjoyed my dinner at The Seasonal Tastes existing buffet spread which was no less than a lavish spread.

Soyabean Burger – Beers, Burgers and More at Westin Gurgaon

My impression of it all…

What matters in a burger?  Well as the opinion goes, there are three things that make the burger and people have individual preferences around them. A succulent patty high on taste quotient, wet and dry messiness around the patty and the crispiness of the breads/buns.  Cheese and sauces are there too to make your flavor!

Along with a juicy and relishing patty, I prefer dry toppings over wet in the inside and a nicely toasted multi-grain bun on the outside. I keep cheese and sauce to minimal. I tasted a tofu burger and grabbed a wholesome chicken burger here. Both came out really good. I am fond of chicken burger and would say it was absolute fun to my taste buds.

The Chicken Delight The chef is preparing a tofu and a Soyabean patty. 

Live counters are fun because I like to see my food being cooked. The interaction with the chef always helps to know your food better and take back home something more than taste.

Since it was the burger festival,  obviously there were so many choices to be spoilt for. I enjoyed looking over and picking my choices. Also,  I quite liked the seating arrangement in the open close to the burger counter.  The evening was breezy and believe me I wore some woolen too because Delhi was yet not hot on that day. The warmth from the live barbeque grills kept us cozy.  

You could have as many as you wanted!  I do not drink and thus I was happy to settle my burger with the picture only.

Buffet Spread

I love to eat and buffet spreads are usually my fancy.  I like to walk-around and see through the broad selection of Indian, Asian and continental choices.

Yummy points about my dinner

  • Tempting salad bar- there was a lot of greens and salad, dressings, sauces, cuts and dips to choose from.
  • The Indian chaat counter was fun, I had some puchkas
  • My top pick that day was fish fry
  • Lamb curry was tender and tasty- I like it that way
  • Lots to choose from the desserts
Some chicken biryani, fish fry, lamb, mushroom and corns after the salads

I really can’t comment on every food item put up there but yes I quite liked the lamb and fish dishes. The chicken biryani was good too but not one of the best that I have had. I would say the buffet was quite an elaborate one.

Well, I should have gone empty stomach to have actually relished the buffet. I And after the burger I was already half full.  Thus when you plan Westin during the festival time, make sure you have skipped a meal before you enter the restaurant. 

Seasonal tastes is a 24 hour restaurant and all day dining in Westin Gurgaon. It makes for a lovely ambiance.

No doubt, its high on price but the buffet contains much to please the foodie in you. With the perfect interiors it can be chosen to celebrate a special occasion. It does make for a perfect dining experience. 

Happy Food-tasting !!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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