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Coffee and Dessert Indulgence at Longitude, Le Meirdien

“Guilt Free Delight” and “latte art” – Longitude- Le Meridien Delhi

I do not have a sweet tooth at all but I live in the company of those who just can’t live without it. My Mum-in-law adores sugar and there are times when my Dad and hubby have to be restricted from over indulgence in sweets. Every time I have to suggest them please go for sugar-free options.  Pat comes the answer, ‘No, it isn’t interesting at all!’

In the invite two catchy words really hooked me  in ‘guilt-free’ and ‘sugarless desserts’. I was curious to find whats not sinful in the world of desserts and sugar. Additionally the mail also said- There would be “latte art” by the trained barista’s of Le Meridien Delhi. Personally, this was of my own interest because I prefer coffee any time over tea and I appreciate coffee art. Its absolutely in vogue.  I would say ‘Coffee topped with Art’ makes me happy at the sight of it.  

See for yourself!! Don’t the cuppas look absolutely delighting and addictive?

Latter Art can be inspiring. Its involves creativity and passion.

This is some inspiring work of Coffee Art that is done at Le Meridien, New Delhi. Baristas showed us some quick and beautiful work. There was India Gate, Taj Mahal and other interesting designs on our cuppas very soon.

Mixing cuisine with art creates a special bond. Everyone loves their coffee differently but remembering it for a special design feels so good.  Well, here are few things which go in making it neat and help coffee sustain the art

  • Good espresso
  • Coffee should be new
  • Must be brewed well
  • Use Full fat milk

Finally what came was Buddha.

Buddha in my coffee!

After the coffee, came the desserts that excited the taste-buds. Mind it they were all ‘Sugar-free’. Before that I would say they looked absolutely tempting. The cookies were absolutely yum and even the chef’s favorite. Yes, we got the chef ‘ Vikas Shrivastava’ talking about his work and the sugarfree he uses. The sugarless sweet ingredient absolutely tasted as sugar and we couldn’t differentiate at all.

The evening was well spent. Over coffee and some delicious desserts, we (6 bloggers) talked about everything under the sun. From Bollywood to Blogging we voiced our opinions and laughed over the petty things of life. Longitudes  is a great place to catch up for interesting #LMfliters and desserts.

It was a pleasure to have Ms. Anasuya Basu, Director of Marketing Communications, Le Meridien join us all through the evening. 

I bet the video below will instantly make you want some real coffee.

Guilt Free delight will go on till 30th March 2015.

2 thoughts on “Coffee and Dessert Indulgence at Longitude, Le Meirdien

  1. I absolutely love the meals at Le Meridien, whenever I am in Delhi. Esp the buffets at The One and the oriental cuisine at Le Belvedere. I am sure the coffee and dessert fest would have been a treat! 🙂

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