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Our celebrity moments at Madame Tussauds Singapore


This post is all about our (Hubby and I) starry poses and celebrity moments at Madame Tussauds in Singapore.


Madame Tussauds Singapore opened for the public on 25th October, 2014. I remember it well because from 1st November to 7th November, I was on a Singapore trip. Yay! There were discounts to grab and we made the best of it. Hubby and I visited it on 2nd Nov and I really don’t know why I am blogging about it 7 months later. Well I have been traveling much more than I have been blogging.  Some wonderful stories from Singapore are waiting to be worded.  I promise July will see many more #SingaporeTales ! 


I must confess whenever my friends posted pictures of their visit to Madame Tussauds, it would always leave me star-struck and dreamy-eyed. I too wanted to do those close hug poses and whacky picture-perfects as soon as possible. Thus my trip to Singapore and the opening of new MT at Sentosa made for a sweet coincidence.  Originally,  London is the city where it was started first by wax sculptor Marie Tussauds. This unique museum that showcases wax figures of historical, royal, film stars, party-listers, sports stars and famous murderers is around the globe in many famous cities.

I did get my ultimate celebrity experience at Singapore branch which is the latest entrant in the Madame Tussaud’s branches.


Of course, the best shots have to be here first. I was too excited to find the wax figures if both Shahrukh and Sachin’s , the two rockstar at one place. I later realized that hubby had bought the tickets for 2nd November because it was SRK’s birthday and I know nothing more real can happen than celebrating it this way in his starry aura. Thank God, this was in the last section of the museum (A-List Party) otherwise I wouldn’t buzzed further. I guess I stood there glued next to him for long. So much fun it was!


I must tell here each wax figure takes no less 3 months to take its final shape and costs more than S$300,000!  More than 250 measurements ensure a look alike wax figure. Must say its great work of Art!


The fan girl moment with Shahrukh Khan!


Sachin Tendulkar- The man who always made me enjoy and love Cricket


Madam Tussaud Singapore is new and thus it offers something special. Each statue has an arena around it that connects you with their work. Also, there is lot of options to know and read about each of them. Lot of props are available to get your best shots.  I seriously can’t remember a place before we visited this where hubby and I posed non-stop. Its fun to see other visitors doing the same. Everyone gets a chance. Its best to visit the museum when its not a holiday in Singapore.


One is welcomed in the museum by the wax figure of the first president of the Republic of Singapore! The first gallery is around History and Leaders.  There is Mr. Obama, Mahatama Gandhi, President and Prime Minister of Singapore and more. Less of details, more of pictures will speak. I ensured I got clicked with all my favorites.




Truly in Love


Next, we walked in the Sports person section. Right from David Beckham, Mohammad Ali, Tiger Woods to Sachin Tendulkar, I loved getting clicked with all of them. Each one was in their sporty action and one could easily copy them to do the fun poses. Hubby had great one in this section and he really made me work hard. Yes, he made me do it again and again until I had clicked just the right pose. Beckham’s pose was really hard to replicate. Many people struggled doing it but enjoyed it at the same time. Lot of props to choose from. I used the boxing gloves and the tennis rackets to get the real look.





Next section ‘Behind the Scenes’ was very interesting. One gets to meet Marie’s wax figure (first pic) here. It was a scary one. One can learn to make wax model of your hand and of course its a paid thing. Its an 8 minute process. There is a cheerful staff there which helps you about more information around the wax making art. A running show on the projector tells you more about the attractions inside.



Hand Models made from Wax. Serena William’s hand model is here in the center in the second row!


Next was Media and Celebrities.  Oh yes, Oprah Winfrey is here and one can get the shot where she is interviewing you. I din’t get a great picture with her though but we managed a smiling one  together.



Music Gallery follows next. One has enough options to pick props like hats, colorful wigs, musical instruments and more. Madonna, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson looked hot and close to real. There is a whole setup where one can play band and be seen on the screen too.






Music section led to Film section. As an Indian it was a proud moment to see everyone excited about wax figures of Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Hrithik Roshan.  Thats the celebrity moment when you can touch them, kiss them and throw starry tantrums in pictures. As one takes a turn and enters another room, here, there is more to add to the excitement. Adorable E.T. makes a perfect photo companion. Guys were really very excited to find martial arts stars Jet Li and Jackie Chan.








Finaly we walked hand in hand in the A-list party gallery and soon our attention was divided. I was delighted to see Shahrukh Khan and Hubby found the gorgeous lady who he fondly talks about- Aishwarya Rai.  It was so much fun. We both clicked each other’s pictures in the best poses because this was the moment when we could be the closest to these super-stars. There were Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp Leonardo, Angelina and Tom Cruise  but we were happy to be with our Indian stars.  There was a beautiful piano centrally located where one button played a whole tune. Also this was a big hall and had the maximum crowd in here. People were enjoying lovely cuddly moments with the A list party members.


One must get clicked with the pretty lady- Asihwarya Rai


Hubby played the piano for me!


Of course, this is the museum with a difference. None tells you to ‘stay away’, ‘do not touch’ or ‘ Don’t click pictures’. Unlike other places it just makes everyone go bonkers touching everything and everyone. The closeness matters most, doesn’t it?


I must say every inch of detail that’s put in the wax statues really impressed me. The whole setup is very colorful and attractive.  Even in the worst of moods you just can’t avoid going the crazy stuff here. And on the larger front one gets inspired too. Why not do something great and be a part of the Madame Tussaud museum. You never know when writers and bloggers would find their way in there too.


The gift section as usual was pricey. I generally stay away from buying things in here until its too gorgeous. Mugs and key-chains did not attract me. But there was more just that I was not interested because I was already high on my excitement of having done Madame Tussaud rather I was more keen to do the showoff on Facebook and Twitter.   😉


Sadly we could not do the boat ride because it had not started functioning and even  Images of Singapore was not live.  They asked us to come and use the tickets and go for the boat ride any other day (till we stayed in Singapore it had not started to work) but from India it isn’t possible. I have heard  ‘Spirit of Singapore’ boat ride is fun and unique thing about this branch of MT. Maybe next time!


 Madame Tussaud Singapore!


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