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15 Postcard Pictures that will make you fall in love with Sursingdhar

Sursingdhar, Delhi, Weekend Getaway


#IncredibleIndia : Uttrakhand

The clouds wandered and sang their own song, the Himalayan ranges told their majestic story and the stunning landscape gorgeously stood standstill. I wished time could stop ticking too and get lazy. Over a cuppa of coffee, plateful of Masala Maggi and hot bread pakoras, when I leisurely played Carrom-board with travel freaks (friends) of my age,  I experienced bliss at Sursingdhar in Uttrakhand.  


As you walk in the Himalayan Ecolodges property, you know you are in for a lovely treat!


The pretty flowers and other plants in the property premises took my heart away!


Not far from Delhi, it makes for a great Weekend Getaway!


Far from the maddening crowd of Delhi, I was dreamy of a weekend getaway which promised ‘Play, Leisure and Vacation’ and the wish was grantedThanks to my friend Aditi who suggested Sursingdhar, until then I was not even aware that a place as such existed beyond Chamba, above New tehri. This holiday turned out to be a soul retreat as the stunning views of the Himalayan peaks and the gorgeous paradise of the Himalayan Ecolodges arrested me in their beauty.  Honestly, I experienced immense joy and happiness in doing absolutely nothing. 


In awe of the natural beauty around


The pine trees are the heart and soul of Sursingdhar


It did not take more than three days to plan this trip because hubby and I were totally fine with traveling to Dehradun via Volvo bus. (The train tickets can be difficult to manage at the last minute and would need a pre-booking of more than a month). From Dehradun, its easy as one needs to take a local cab which can take you for a 90 km ride uphill.  Believe me the scenic views,  curvaceous bends and the fresh mountain air will give you a high on life.


Intoxicating Nature views that the cottage offers


Sursingdhar – The forest which we crossed while we went trekking


Doesn’t this pictures say ‘time to reflect and introspect’?



I purposely did not take my laptop for this 3 days getaway but I did miss it, not for my work but for penning down a poem. The natural beauty inspired the writer in me. On the second day, lazily perched on one of the cane chairs of my balcony, I did not want to read any book but reflect and introspect around one of my own. With a blank mind, I simply loved the idea of savoring the gorgeous views around.


If you are an early riser you will love to catch the lovely sunrise beyond the Himalayan ranges. If not, make an attempt to get up, take a view of the skies and hit the bed again. I bet you will not go back again.


My cottage is most beautiful !


The bee and the rose were so close and inseparable


At 6000 feet, you just can’t be bored here!


On the third day when it rained in the night it came as a blessing to us. Early morning we squeaked in delight when we were able to see the the ranges of the famous Nanda Devi peak. The cameras did not rest until they had captured enough.  It was hard to declare that the getaway was over but I left Sursingdhar with a promise that I would be back again. More I felt weighed down by a responsibility to inspire others to visit many more places in India that have the mighty power to put us closer to our soul.


The mighty Himalayan ranges


The colorful houses of New Tehri in Uttrakhand


Sursingdhar -The picturesque green that travels to your heart through the eyes.

Happy Traveling!!

22 thoughts on “15 Postcard Pictures that will make you fall in love with Sursingdhar

  1. I am calling you soon for more details. Thanks for such wonderful visit to Sursingdhar you have finalised my next weekend destination

    1. Ha ha… sure do call up n I m gonna guide you through. Sursingdhar is a beautiful weekend destination.

  2. The pics are truly breathtaking and whenever i am back to Delhi, will definitely check out this destination! Did I read it right that u had masala “Maggi”?..;)

  3. like ur trip ur post is also looking relaxed and it allowed pictures to speak more than words.
    lets c when I can plan 🙂

    1. True, you caught me so well…I wanted pictures to speak their story keeping the words as less as possible… Maybe next year…

  4. This looks like a beautiful place and the best part is it is so near to Delhi. Thanks for bringing out this hidden gem and presenting through your beautiful clicks Manjulika 🙂

  5. This looks great. I have the same situation as yours. I have to plan a mountain holiday last minute from Delhi and this fits the plan. Hopefully I will attempt it next week. It’s getting very hot in Delhi. Lovely pictures, by the way.

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