This is a flowery story of COLORS and BLISS 

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I must confess I have never been so fond of flower photography but with this post I am jumping with joy to share my smartphone captures of gorgeous marvels of nature. The beautiful property of Himalayan Ecolodges where I stayed recently during my trip to Sursingdhar was adorned with these little wonders. I felt blessed to see so many bloom together. Each one had its own enigmatic appearance. In their gorgeous colors they never failed to pull my attention even a few cottages away from mine.

Every moment in the serene surroundings was bliss. Sursingdhar in Uttrakhand has taken my heart away. The deadly combination of picturesque views of Himalayas peaks, peaceful breath of air, intoxicating serenity and magical hues of beautiful flowers together would made my heart dance with joy and happiness during this 3 day weekend getaway. This seemed too short to me. Alas, I did not want to come back to the din of the city.

Monsoons do make great season for rainy season flowers but here it was simply fantastic. Each day I would take a round of the garden, stop at every beautiful sight, take pictures and not rest until I had said a ‘Hello’ to all the pretty plants. These flowers not only enhanced the view of the cottages but  also added much color to our holiday. Since I was curious, I also learnt that the lodge-owner’s wife keeps visiting the place and ensures each flower pot is placed at a particular position. The whole setup is beautifully layered and color-coordinated. Wow, I am impressed and inspired both. I loved the garden and its arrangement totally.


Pick your Favorite one among these 20 !

Flower, Yellow Rose, Buds, Monsoon Flowers, Photography



Uttrakhand, Incredible India, Flowers , Rainy Season, Travel blogger



Flowers make great gifts, Orange flower, Nature, I love flowers



Blue flowers, I love flowers, Sursingdhar



Red and white flower wallpaper



Pretty Flower, Orange shaded flower, Botanical love, Nature, Uttrakhand



Gardening in Rainy Season can be so much fun, Sunflower, Incredible India



A rose, Red Rose, Pink and Orange Rose, Nature love


Beautiful Flower - Picture taken at Sursingdhar- Smartphone Photography (61)



Worth s wallpaper, Flower, photography


Beautiful Flower - Red Flower, Flower pot, Rainy Season, Downloadable flower image



WHite Roses, Download,  Picture taken at Sursingdhar- Smartphone Photography (68)



Travel blogger - Manjulika, Pendown



dew on a flower, Capture the shot, Photography, Flower



Pink Hibiscus, Picture taken at Sursingdhar- Smartphone Photography (1)



Blue flowers, Flower photo contest, Pendown



Beautiful Flower - Picture taken at Sursingdhar- Smartphone Photography (2)




Flower photography


Dark Pink Roses, Magenta, Say I love you with a Rose



WHite and purple flower

I am sure these colorful flowers did win your heart. They gave you the much desired soothe to your eyes, they made you yearn for a travel getaway and of course made you lust for some nature time. Aaah! I succeed in my motive!

Till you do your trip, I would love to know if you had to choose one among the above, which one would be your favorite. If you wish to see them all in real you can always write to me to know how you can go to Sursingdhar at 6300ft closely located near New Tehri.

Happy Traveling. 

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