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Work Life Balance – Lets aim for it because….

….because life is too short! 

While exploring the Rewardme site, I read several articles in its different sections (Food, Health, Home Decor) but suddenly when one picture appeared, I wanted to halt and stare. I read the article because it had simple and good things to remind – 8 Ways To A Work-Life Balance but at the same time it aroused me to add more to it, especially its picture.

The cute picture of a bubbly young girl blowing bubbles in the air and her doting Daddy watching her play made me smile. It was a very simple picture but had much to say about life. First thing it said to me– Pack your bag, get going because there is a beautiful life beyond work too. I called my husband (one who lives a life out of suitcase) right away and asked him for a dinner date. To my good stars, he was in the city. I told him strictly, ‘you have to manage time and learn more about it today.’ Well, I had packed my bags almost instantly because I wanted to give a good hearing to him around ‘Work-life balance’. For days he had hardly slept well, talked or ate well,  thanks to the endless meetings and strict project timelines.

While the poor guy tried best to make efforts to escape from his boss’ prying eyes. I forwarded the article and the picture to my workaholic friends just as a reminder that they needed a break too.

Along with that I wrote a small message —

If you have a kid at home, go and play with them. And not just your kids need time, please ensure that you sit with your parents and have dinner with them. Later you must talk to your wifey, listen to her attentively and maybe take her for a late night ice-cream treat not far but in the neighborhood ice-cream parlor.  

So often we come across such articles which we read to forget later – 8 Ways To A Work-Life Balance. While we all know it how important balance of both is, the condition is such that our generation is neck deep in work and we have no time to stand and stare. Honestly, there is no one mantra to solve this problem because each one of us has a different reason for not being able to see beyond work and devote time to other aspects of life. I believe the solution lies in our realization. The sooner we will accept the fact that its all materialistic pleasures that we are running after, our life will be happier.

Adding to the article, I wanted to blog about ‘WHY’ we need to take the advise seriously. My aim is to question people and make them conscious of their surroundings beyond work. It includes all the questions that I posed to my hubby… We should all try asking this to us or maybe putting down on paper.

  • Why do you want those extra perks and yearly promotions?
  • Where will you spend so much money?
  • Can money really buy everything that makes you happy?
  • How long will your fame last?
  • Where will you drive the expensive cars that you wanna own?
  • Will you be able to work endlessly without bothering about your sleep, exercise, and nutrition?
  • What does your health mean to you?
  • Time and life are finite,  why not make the most if them?
  • Do you get a kick in life by making those presentations and attending meetings?
  • What does higher level of achievement & enjoyment means you?
  • Do you remember your childhood passion?
  • How many beautiful experiences have you missed because of your work?
  • When was the last time when you thought of reviving your long lost hobby?
  • How long will your corporate firm mourn in your absence?
  • What does the materialistic pleasures mean to you if it cannot make you happy?
  • Do you really spend much time with me, your kids, your family? 
  • Do you really wanna change and do something for yourself?
  • Do you want that balance in your life?

If yes, you can do it, none can help you but just you!

Believe me it worked for my hubby for next three weeks…  Next I just had to remind him again. Thus we need such articles to keep floating again and again.

Watch the video below. It will bring a smile on your face for sure. Our niece had come home and we took pleasure in her small playful acts. Here she is eating a mango for the ‘first time.’ It will remind you of family time and most importantly of Work-FamilyLife-Balance

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3 thoughts on “Work Life Balance – Lets aim for it because….

  1. Aww! Your niece is choo cute…I wanted to jump inside the video window and cuddle her!
    Beautifully worded. In the increasing fast pace life, we all need work life balance to maintain our sanity and keep the relationships alive. Else we all will just be robots oscillating between office and home!

  2. In today’s day and age, work life balance has become one of the most abused phrases. Everyone seems to have their own definition of how one can balance work and life. But sadly few are able to balance work and life successfully.

    In this fast paced world where we are running behind schedules, more money, designations and what not, we need to sit down, rest and think about our families as well. We always tend to forget the simple pleasures of life in this rat race.

    By the way your niece is really cute. That truly is my point of remembering the simple pleasures of life :).

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