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When I drove the ‘All New Jazz’ on India’s only F1 racing circuit

The New Jazz

All New Jazz at ‘Hangout with Honda’

The Saturday that’s just gone was a well-spent day. It was one of the special days in the Indian blogging history when 80 bloggers from across the country took to the fast lane. It was yet another Hangout with Honda but with a jazzy punch.  Not only did I get a chance to attend the special preview of a new family member of Honda car but also an opportunity to drive two laps at India’s only F1 racing circuit – Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida. If not jealous, I am sure it has got you excited if you are a car-lover.

My hubby was absolutely pepped up and cheered for me too!


Before the event, many bloggers/social media influencers were flown down from different cities and rest were driven down to Radisson Blu, Greater Noida from various parts of Delhi-NCR.  By 2 p.m. everyone was given enough time to interact, click pictures, pose, make friends and change in Jazzy blue T-shirts. All this while one had the option to grab on the delicious lunch. I usually prefer these informal get-togethers because it helps to catch up on a lot of bloggers, make friends and know their stories. While we chatted, we were equally excited to drive the all new Jazz on the F1 racing circuit.

Soon bloggers were asked to move towards cars/bus waiting outside to take us all to the racing arena. I love going to Budd International circuit because it gives a beautiful high to see the tri-colored building, colorful seats in the three Indian flag colors and a racy event on the world class tracks. That day the ground seemed so calm and silent. It was only meant for us- bloggers.  See the happy faces!

Had a great time with bloggers Akanksha, Sushmita, Preeti Hoon and Ravi Sir

Thats Me!

At the Buddh International Circuit,  we were guided to a big hall on the first floor which showcased the rest of the event. The famous VJ Yudi in his great voice and style got the audience settle down soon enough and the event ticked off from here.  The CEO and the marketing team of Honda took to the stage and presented the new product with great confidence. No doubt, the new features got us hooked and we keenly learnt about its new specs.

The tagline says it all – Nothing Else is a Jazz.  The new one has many beautiful and comfortable features to boast around. This was told to us by Navneet Kaur, one of the team members of Strategy and Products, Honda India. No less, the new model of Jazz is making a comeback as a great combination of comfort, space, technology, power, mileage and innovation.

Let me list down a few pointers about the car that caught my interest

  • There are four options for Magic seats and they come in to accommodate our moods and plans- Tall, Utility, Refresh and Long
  • Multi functional steering wheel with Audio Controls, Hands Free telephone Controls and Paddle Shifts
  • Auto AC with touchscreen Control Panel
  • Fuel tank reduced but comes with the same capacity
  • 9 cup holders to help the glasses
  • Functional compact is the USP
  • Eco assist lighting
  • 1.2L ivtec engine and promises 27.3 km/l fuel efficiency
The all New Jazz – I liked its sporty like design and this color got my eye

Once the briefing around the new Jazz was done, we were divided into two teams A and B according to the color of our badge straps. Mine was yellow and I was part of team A. Now was the time to move for the actual experience. We walked towards the ground floor, got ourselves registered, went around checking the demo cars and waited for our turns to be take to the race control room.

Race Control Room

In batches of fifteen, we were directed towards the Race Control Room. It is the most important section of the racing track. The whole 5. 17 km track is watched from this room. All the cameras are monitored here and safety briefing is facilitated by professional driving instructors. They strictly told us about the rules,  driving techniques, circuit information safety and emergency handling situations while out on the tarmac. Yes, one has to put on a helmet to drive a car here. Even as a passenger head gear is important. They mentioned it very clearly- driving on the roads is different and here its gonna be absolutely different, so just be careful.    

Before taking the drive, I was a little scared because this was going to be an entirely new experience and I am not a racy driver. I love to drive slow at my own pace.

The experience on the track was simply amazing. I drove with energy and passion. Of course the instructor with me must have had a hard time because I really took short turns at two blind turns but I enjoyed the thrill. In the first lap we could only race till 80 km/hr but in the second one, we were allowed to race till 100 and beyond. I tried the fifth gear and loved the smooth ride. The steering wheel came comfortably to me. I drove a manual one and thus I can vouch that changing gears was a hassle free activity. Honestly, there wasn’t much time to explore the cars others features while on the track because when you got to drive a new car under a head gear on a F1 circuit with instructions flowing in from the walkie-talkie, one can’t help but focus on only one thing and that is driving. I did the same.

I was happy with the whole experience. While the other bloggers took their turns, I went to the main hall and played a quiz with Yudi. I won two prizes too. Yes, my tweet was picked as best when I wrote –  I would love to drive all new Jazz because it made me feel like Narain Kartikayen.

Next, there was a young band that played for us and we hung around with other bloggers enjoying drinks and dinner. By 7:30 p.m. I was done with meeting lots of people and getting lot of groupies clicked. It was time to return home. The driver was 1 phone call away and I headed home to talk about my part of the Jazz story.

After the event when you get one such lovely tweet as below, you know its a beautiful world of bloggers and more such events are sure to rock the Indian blogging sphere.

Great show !!!

3 thoughts on “When I drove the ‘All New Jazz’ on India’s only F1 racing circuit

  1. Overly priced! The CVT model lacks black interiors! Plastic quality is cheap! Not happy with what is being offered.

  2. Driving a new yet to be launched car on an F1 race track. Whoa! Yaar now I am jealous ;). Can truly imagine that it must have been an awesome experience :).

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