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Must Read Before you Go for a Business Hotel in Gurgaon

My husband (consultant) lives a life out of suitcase and I can bet business hotel makes a very important part of his life because he spends most of his nights in there. Thus, he is selective as well as very careful when its comes to booking business hotels for his stay in different places. Here in this post lets check what factors one must check while booking a Business Hotel in Gurgaon.

If you travel for business, sooner or later you’re bound to end up in Gurgaon. It’s the Millennium City, after all, home to more than half of the Fortune 500 companies. To meet the business demands, this busy city has armed itself with plenty of hotel options. In our short travel period, we all expect the best of services. How can you make the best choice to ensure you have exactly what you need, right at your fingertips, during your stay in Gurgaon? All it takes is a little research.

I insist on these three factors that must be kept in mind while booking your business stay.

Location is most important

In a city as busy as Gurgaon, picking the right location means everything when it comes to ensuring your trip goes smoothly. Gurgaon’s traffic can be extremely difficult to navigate for a native, let alone a newcomer. Cabs are always an option, but they do not have the best reputation within the city, and may try to overcharge a traveler. In their feature “The Gurgaon Survival Guide”, the India Times jokingly warned of SDS, or “Summer Driver Smell,” a lingering aroma that tends to concentrate itself in non-air conditioned cars. To avoid delays, fees, and the dreaded SDS, select a business hotel as close to the major business hubs as possible.

Fortunately, the hotel industry is well aware of this, and the major business hubs have a fine crop of excellent business hotels in Gurgaon. Near Golf Course Road, for example, you can find luxury accommodations like The Anya (a word meaning “different” in Sanskrit) right next door to your business contacts.

A well located and appointed hotel may also help to bring your business to you. Most business hotels (The Anya is an example again) offer an onsite business center where patrons can conduct meetings in style and comfort. These business centers include meeting essentials in conference rooms, whiteboards and notepads, and high-speed internet access, an absolute must for a working traveler.


On Site Dining and Services must complement the Ambiance

Once you’ve found a hotel in the right location for your needs, take the time to consider the services they offer. Gurgaon has a thriving and vibrant night life but the nightlife also tends to deposit a large number of intoxicated young people in the city-center restaurants after a certain time of night, not something you want to tangle with while trying to grab a quick meal. Familiarize yourself with the local hotels’ dining options: you may be surprised at how much novelty and variety a single hotel can offer. It is not difficult to find a business hotel with four to five different dining options: a coffee and pastry shop for a quick breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up, an evening dining restaurant with an interesting variety of international cuisines, or a chic club with music and drinks where you can enjoy your evenings in the city.  To use the Anya as an example again: their en suite lounge Yibe has become one of the trendiest spots to go in the evenings, and it’s also the first Spanish tapas bar in the city.

Dining isn’t the only extra to consider when selecting your hotel. If cross-city travel can’t be avoided, look for a hotel that provides a house car. You will be able to travel in luxury with a private driver, avoiding the crowding and charges of a taxi for only a minimal additional fee.


Artistry and Atmosphere go hand in hand

The décor of a hotel may seem like a frivolous concern, but the atmosphere of your surroundings has a huge impact on your work, especially if you are hoping to meet with clients or contacts in your hotel’s business centers. Gurgaon’s business hotels pride themselves on having a finger on the pulse of the city’s luxury style and selecting the right accommodations will reflect that. You can find hotels that boast artworks by modern Indian masters or European classics: a truly excellent backdrop to represent you and your business while you travel.

Gurgaon can be daunting to a newcomer. It is such a busy, vibrant city, with so many leaders of business and finance packed together – where do you begin to plan your travels in such a unique and overwhelming place?

Picking the right place to stay can make all the difference. When you end each day in elegant and refined surroundings, you can get a good night’s sleep, enjoy the local culture, and have a good meal to recharge for the next day. Your business hotel may even become your base of operations – a collaborator in making the contacts you need in the Millennium City.

Happy Travels!!!

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