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Honey, its time for a honey diet!

Zero size is not my mantra of life. It just can’t be. I am a big foodie.

What you read above is me and I can’t help it. When my mum says- look at Priyanka Chopra, I often tell her Sonakshi is doing good too Mom. Not a fan of her but I am glad there is someone who is not obsessed about getting thin.

To top it all I have a wonderful excuse- I am married into a Punjabi family and my hubby adores food more than me. No less, mum-in-law never forgets to reiterate- ‘Punjabis parantha nahi khayenge toh kya khayenge’. There is no point of going for a disagreement when you can sweetly sort it out. Its been close to 4 years that I have been married and I have been hogging on those yummy paranthas and Rajma chawal. Moreover I travel, eat junk here and there and go for food reviews too.  So you can read it well that I have my reasons for loving food. But all this fun has got the inches do their favorite job– Expand. And now they are giving me sleepless nights. (Though its important to sleep well when you are watching your weight) Yes, the bulges have started mocking me in the mirror and the fashionable clothes have decided to ditch me.

What next?

I have collected all free advices and plenty of suggestions.  Hitting the gym, joining aerobics classes, Zumba classes, running, exercising,  walking, cutting down on sugar, going for a crash diet, taking lemon-honey everyday, trying a honey diet are making rounds and rounds. Well they all look good and promising but the truth is  I  really can’t  cut down my food love, thus crash diet is a big ‘NO’ for me. Even my doctor has strongly objected to it saying the nutrients combination that our body needs everyday gets affected with lame dieting. Balanced healthy diet should never be compromised with.

The sweet solution

My believe is Gym and Aerobics are temporary solutions and aren’t meant for people like me who complain of dizziness after 25 push-ups, I needed to go for a stable one. So I wanted a sweet and convenient solution. Of course I have added the extra walks around the park but more needs to be done, I know. Hubby, who is not happy seeing me go restless over weight (Thank God he loves me the way  I am) made a filmy dialogue – Honey, its time for a honey diet!

And this really hooked me. I bet its easy to start and keep to the regularity too. I have been taking a spoonful of Dabur Honey with a glass of warm water everyday.  In fact hubby and I both are doing it to be able to enjoy good food around us.

My respect for bees has grown. I mean how far they travel, gather nectar from flowers and together make something as special as honey, a natural sweetner. This blend of sugar, with trace of  enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids is an awesome combination to enrich our health. A small amount of it is enough to do good to the body. Take this test, I found it helpful.

And its not just about drinking it in the morning, I am learning to do some interesting combinations with honey too.  One can eat 1 bowl of porridge with 1 tsp honey or make some shakes by adding honey, even the ice-cream scoop can be topped with it. Rather it can be used in place of sugar in tea and milk. So I am enjoying my new honey diet plan, do tell me your weight watching methods.

6 thoughts on “Honey, its time for a honey diet!

  1. Well indeed honey is the best supplement for nutrition n dieting.. Nice informative post. Hope you enjoy your food journey with honey 🙂
    A Rat’s Nibble : I Like To Move It, Move It

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