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Passion for Life- Renault Lodgy Review

Lodgy from the Renault Family

I have written much about the  #LiveLodgycal Weekend in Goa, now let me talk about the  Multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) from Renault.  First thing that I would say is ‘The car is here to stay’. It will turn heads on the road maybe not for its handsome looks but because of its grand presence. Renault has planned it well this time. Knowing the pulse of Indian consumers its been been designed as a spacious, comfortable, sleek-designed vehicle which will provide solution to different car needs.

More being from the Renault family, it inspires to go for your passion. Let not your dreams wait, pack everything in your car, pull your close friends, make your members of the family jump in and just head out for your ride far-far away from the clutter and stress of life.

When I drove Lodgy in Goa Monsoons

As Renault puts in ‘Take your World With You’. Its gonna be a tastier choice for all  who love road trips and can’t do without people and their possessions. Who wants to go for those adventure trips alone? Call the gang in because 7 friends together is just not a problem with Lodgy.

I am glad I was a part of the Renault #Lodgy drive in Goa with 39 more bloggers.  We got a chance to get a hang of the car very closely. Hearing from the marketing team and experiencing the car helped me get a true picture of this new MPV. Here, I would put it all as per my personal experience.

There were two colors for us- Black and White. The first look of the car tells you that it is sturdy and bulky. Yes, Lodgy is 4.5 metres in length. Its got the European bland  and no fuss looks with no design in the rear. The long wheelbase promises lots of cabin space.  If you are thinking where is the space- its right there inside the car. With 7 or 8 full-sized seats and fold-back for the two rows it can help you make a home inside.

When I settled inside on the second row, I was impressed with the elbow and leg room. The leather seats were comfortable no doubt. The second row was at a higher level that front row. This helped to see in things very clearly inside and outside both. In next minutes, I could feel that AC was absolutely very effective on the back rows as well. All the three rows have roof-mounted air-conditioning system. I must also mention the floor height of the car is just the way it should be making it easy for all heights to get in and get down.

Its got plenty of ptions to hold things for you

Since Lodgy has got the same engine as of Duster (the 1461cc diesel) when I drove it, I never felt out of power.  Adjusting my seat as per my convenience was easy. The gear changing was smooth and easy. The tall sixth gear is for a breezy ride. The grip on the steering wheel came very comfortable to me as a driver who only drives hatchbacks.  I was apprehensive of handling a big car but I managed it pretty well without any discomfort. Even at the turns, I did not have to put in extra force.

You want a touchscreen infotainment system , you have it here!

With all good features to entertain, like all Renault vehicle its got a great suspension too. So you really don’t feel the bad roads and the bumps while driving.  Personally, I had a great driving as well as riding experience. I remember facing just one problem in the whole stretch that I drove and that was about changing gears which happened twice. I found it a little on the stiffer side.

I quite like the reversing camera feature because in the crowded places it comes very helpful.


What does a buyer look in a car? Space, comfort, safety, practicality and  reliability. Lodgy meets them all in its own way by providing cruise control, speed limiter,  tilt steering, electrically adjustable mirrors,12 V power sockets for all three rows, armrests at the sides, two cup-holders each etc.


An eye for the eye of the car


 Tail lamps of the Renault


Lets know a few impressive numbers too

  • Lodgy offers seven diesel variants
  • The wheelbase is 2810 mm more than that of Innova
  • It boasts of Best-in-class 110 PS engine and 6-speed gearbox
  • Renault has 150+ service centres across India and is targeting 48 more this year
  • At Rs 8.19 lakh its got the potential to attract car buyers
  • It’s got 47 accessories to add to our comfort
  • With unfolded seats it has boot capacity of 207 litres
  • 4-cylinder, 1.5-litre common rail direct injection (dCi) engine
  •  85PS power  200Nm@1900rpm of peak torque
  • Fuel efficiency of 21.04kmpl is definitely a win-win situation

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by in association with Renault India.

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  1. If you are sure about your mentioned information. This car is what I am looking for. A spacious, comfortable, sleek-design is too wonderful.

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