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Before this, I had never seen a Grand Presidential Suite!  So of course this walk-around definitely makes a place on my ‘unique experiences’ list. I bet you will enjoy reading more about it.



When I received the invite to stay at one of the best and biggest ‘Eco Friendly Hotel’ ITC Maurya (LEED certified) as part of the Responsible Luxury fellowship’ initiative, I was excited for more than one reason. While the theme of the ‘video shoots to be done’ were definitely making me happy and jittery, a stay-cation in the lap of luxury was an equally enticing thing for a travel blogger. While I was all pepped up to dig-in at the celebrated restaurants (Pavilion, Bukhara, Tian and Dum Pukht) of the capital,  I couldn’t stop being curious around the Grand Presidential Suite as well. Well, we all know it has hosted heads of states, business tycoons and international celebs.



ITC Maurya, New Delhi, Travel Blogger from India, presidential Suite, Luxury
This is just a glimpse as to how I was pampered during my stay at ITC Maurya, New Delhi


CHANAKYA- The Grand Presidential Suite


Around Mr. Obama’s visit,  I remember reading a piece of news which had stated, ‘there isn’t a presidential floor as opulent as that at ITC Maurya. I wondered what made it so special that the last three US presidents, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama with wife First Lady Michelle had chosen to stay in there. Now that I have come back with one amazing experience of staying in one of the rooms at ITC One, I can somewhat relate what it must be to be hosted by ITC Maurya in a suite. 



The Grand Presidential Floor, ITC Maurya, New Delhi, Travel and Luxury, Responsible Luxury
The Grand Presidential Floor is located on the 14th floor at ITC Maurya, New Delhi, India



What was I doing at ITC Maurya?


I was getting acquainted to the science of sleeping, to the idea of cooking food with the forgotten grains, to using technology for sustainable energy production. As I mentioned before, my stay was part of the ‘responsible luxury fellowship’ for which my blog is very proud of. Trust me, it was a great learning experience for me as a traveler, as a blogger and as the one who appreciates luxury. The five video shoots that I did with them helped me in understanding the nuances and the concept of ‘responsible luxury’ in a much better way. Had I not stayed there and been with the people behind the scene, I would have never understood what it takes to be a ‘Carbon Positive Corporation’. From the healthy food served to me to my laundered clothes and from my sleeping pillows to my smallest of needs, I was pampered like a baby. To all of this, I would just add that I am lucky to have lived that experience and come back without a guilt of careless indulgence.



Responsible Luxury, fellowship, ITC Maurya, ITC Hotels, New Delhi
My blog has been selected to be a part of Responsible Luxury fellowship. Read about it.





While the first two days were strictly about video shoots, the third day was easy going and there I requested one of the senior staff members to show me the Grand Presidential Suite. I am glad she arranged for it quick and here is all that may make you more curious about it. 


It is located on the 14th floor. I was staying on the 12th floor and thus I just had to go two floors higher. But yes, I could not go on my own. An access key was needed. With my key, I could only access my floor. This is where the lady from the hospitality helped me with.


Once we were on the fourteenth floor, she directed me to the left. There was a separate door that opened into a brightly colored , immaculate and beautifully fitted corridor which had rooms on both its sides.


The door that leads you in.
The door that leads you into this opulent suite.  (This is hazy but I only have this one)


Presidential Suite
Grand Presidential Suite–It is a mini- palace where the passage is decked up in orange and golden. There are rooms on both sides of it and the end of this corridor, you find this.


The interiors were interestingly blended in bright colors and delicate texture. Mauryan influence was beautifully captured in the paintings hung at the prominent sections of the wall. The artworks spoke of Mauryan culture. The overall decor was classy, very intricate and hinted only and only luxury.


Paintings depicting the influence of the Mauryan Empire
The walls were decked with paintings which captured the theme of Mauryan Empire



First, I was led into the lavish bedroom which had a massage chair just next to the bed. There was lavish use of silk on the panels. The room was huge as it may not come out  in the picture below. It  has extended sections too. The area on the right of the bed had a small private space which was furnished with a writing table. Directly opposite to the bed, there was a separate dressing area and an attached washroom.


Bedroom of the Presidential suite, most expensive room
Bedroom where the head of the states have been hosted


Adjacent to it, there were other rooms on the other side of the corridor. One from the bedroom, I walked towards the dining room. Due to this big peacock painting, I assume it called Peacock themed dining room. There stood 12-seating dining hall adorned with a lavish setting.


Peacock themed Dining Room
Peacock themed Dining Room


Presidential suite, 12 seater opulent dining room, ITC Maurya, responsible luxury
An exclusive 12 seating opulent dining room at the ‘Grand Presidential suite’


Just next to it, there was another big and beautiful room which had a drawing room cum living room kind of set-up. To me, it looked just the right place for meeting dignitaries and making conversations of high importance. 


Suite and Luxury
Suite and Luxury-Perfect settings!


Yet another living room-Chanakya Presidential Suite
The brightly lit living room!


In front of the living room, there was another room which could be called as a lounge, meant to make a temporary office.  I remember it had a lovely Chanakya (an Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal adviser) painting hung in the center of the left wall. This room could be easily used as an office to conduct business meetings.


Room that could be used as the office
The room that is supposedly used as temporary office by the dignitaries who stay here.


Working area, ITC Maurya, Presidential Suite, New Delhi
It is a huge room meant for more people to join in and work at the same place


As I walked further, I discovered another bedroom, done quite differently than the first room. This was very cozy and warm. I loved the soft colors of the bed-sheet, pillows and the upholstery. Next to it was the gym room exclusively meant for the president or other dignitaries or guests who book the suite. Inside it, there was a spa room too.


The second bedroom of the Chanakya Presidential Suite
The second bedroom of the Chanakya Presidential Suite


From the gym room, I moved to check in the bathroom. In between there was space for storing and hanging clothes. In the bathroom, the luxurious bath-tub immediately got my eye. On the right of this, there was two separate spaces, one for bathing and other for loo.


ITC Maurya, Suite, Travel, my experience, Places to stay in Delhi
Sometimes you only want  impeccable luxury


Impeccable luxury, Presidential suite, Luxury Hotel in Delhi
Dressing area in the washroom


Last I learnt that all the windows of the rooms are bulletproof.

Where there is money, there is luxury too and this was pure luxury!!!

Overall I loved walking around this half-a-floor presidential suite. While I was awestruck, I also felt gracious for everything that God had given us and made us capable for making such things for ourselves.  In fact, while I was just wrapping the post this thought just occurred to me- In the olden times, the kings made big palaces for themselves but it was only meant for them or their families. Thankfully, in the modern era these grand suites which are no less than mini palaces are open for anybody who can afford them. Watsay?

Tell me what has been your most opulent indulgence!!!


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