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‘Basecamp Traveller Shop’ says – ‘If you have a traveler’s heart, you must know about us.’ Last week, I was invited to celebrate the launch of this travel shop in C block, Connaught Place,  Delhi. Once I was inside the shop, I was surprised to find unique and innovative travel products from eminent brands.  By the time I returned home, I was left wondering  ‘Do I really travel well-prepared?’  A visit to this shop will definitely push you into self-doubt and definitely for the good. For me, it was an afternoon well-spent in talking about our travel needs, being a smart traveler and practicing travel etiquette.



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Basecamp-where the journey begins-one stop shop for avid travelers.



A peek into the Basecamp Traveller Shop

When you stand close to the colorful range of products from National Geographic  and identify the safety and durability of hard luggage and convenience of soft luggage, you are actually prompted to think deeper about your travel requirements. I almost fell for the bags from Greystone, after knowing that they were made of aeroplane grade aluminium. And the moment you ran your hand over it, the durability and strength spoke for themselves. The little but essential products kept my eyes glued to the products from Tra Well. From a 20 liter portable shower to a mosquito net hat to a handy box for medicines, this in-house brand had everything that would catch a traveler’s fascination. As I looked around the Echolac’s range of trolleys, overnight bags, handheld briefcases, business bags, I was intrigued not just to discover more travel accessories but also to understand their material types and usability. The ultralight compression bags from ‘Greenhermit’ impressed me totally. The bag that can carry almost like 50 kilograms can be folded back right into your pocket. Isn’t it cool? Moreover, it is knife-cut resistant too. Trust me, after walking through the two floors of the shop, I was not only inspired to travel more but also with much better and fashionable travel gears.



Portable Shower, Be prepared, Traveler, Travel blogger, Basecamp
Portable Shower



Travel blogger, Traveler, Green Hermit, Basecamp,
Green Hermit



Why should we ‘Travel Smartly’?

Just like our attire, our belongings too speak about our personality. When I say ‘travel smart’, I do not mean only fashion. For me, a traveler who knows how to travel light, carries all the essentials and knows how to extract maximum fun of his/her travels is a smart one. Now, packing doesn’t mean picking your stuff and wrapping it a box, tying a rope over it rather one needs to have the right kind of accessory for it. The terrain, the days of visit, the kind of visit, baggage allowance are some of the factors that play a great role these days. With so many gadgets around, packing for your travels takes some planning. And if you thought that there are things that might have helped to make your trip easier, you must look around for them. They exist. It is advisable to do some research and make a list of things that you might need to make the best of your trip. For instance, even I did not know that one could actually take their own portable fish kit and absolutely light-weight traveling cooking equipment. Trust me if you are going for outdoor adventures, hiking, climbing & camping, you will thank yourself for coming well prepared. 



Luggage, Greystone, Bags, Travel blogger
Luggage from Greystone



Hide and Safe Money Belt, Trawell, Travel, Travel shop, Travel blogger, Travel Smart, Basecamp
Travel Smart- Hide and Safe Money Belt



Let us not miss on the Travel Etiquette Please! 


That afternoon, the best part of the shop visit was our interaction with Mr. Anish Goel (Managing Director, Basecamp Traveller). Basecamp store is the brain-child of him. I really loved the conversation with him because he started right from where we must all start. He mentioned something very close to my heart- ‘Travel Etiquette’. Nothing pisses me off more than people pushing each other, not standing in a queue, spitting just anywhere, dragging the luggage mindlessly, whistling, passing on careless comments, practicing unhygienic habits and more. Well, if you are wondering why we were talking about all of this at a travel shop, it all started at the luggage tags with quirky messages. Moreover, we were all avid travelers and we thoroughly enjoyed talking about our needs as travelers and our observations. We all agreed on this point that it  was our duty to practice certain mannerisms, whenever we were moving around from one place to another. And I think luggage tags can be a great idea for reminding people that travellers make a beautiful and smart community. 



Basecamp traveler-National Geographic suitcase
Basecamp traveler-National Geographic suitcase



Mr. Anish’s love for travel has made him put up this oasis ( travel-store) for avid travellers and at Basecamp he is trying to help us brace ourselves with the best travel accessories.  I totally agreed with his point when he said that when we travel abroad or local, we carry an image of our ourselves, our country and it is important to look smart, carry smart and behave smart too. At the end of the day, we live in a society where everyone loves judging each other, so why take chances. And if you are a traveler, there is absolutely no harm in knowing and owning some amazing stuff like a fool proof camp, an utility knife, a night vision watch, a survival kit in the forest, a cosmetic organizer, a clip light, hide and safe money belt or more. What say? 



What do you think about Travel Etiquette?



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