Well, I would be lying if I said that I wouldn’t want to celebrate Christmas and New Year in London. Ever since a few of my friends have shifted there, I have always kept a tab on their pictures and updates especially at this time of the year. The snow, the sledge, the Christmas trees, the markets and overall the festive spirit of London is beautifully captured in their wonderful clicks. Without a doubt, it makes me crave to go there.




At home, we don’t celebrate Christmas but I have always adored this season and all the beautiful decorations that come with it. Ever since I had a chance to spend the pre-Christmas days in Norway in 2012, it’s been my dream to see this festival around the globe. I have always wished to buy a Christmas tree, lights and the decorations from those big daddies of Christmas markets. I have an urge to learn to sing Christmas carols. I want to visit every place that celebrates a perfect countdown to Christmas. And while I am writing this, I also want to get stuffed at one of those massive dinners which showcase delicious festive menus.


When I was young, my parents made me believe in the miracles of Santa and today I genuinely believe that somewhere he must be to listening and working on them to make it true. And if he asked me my favorite place to begin with my Christmas tour, I would say London. It is the most magical time of the year and there can definitely not be a better time to visit London.




I can’t miss it because….


I have heard so much about the Christmas tree that comes all the way from Norway in Trafalgar Square that I want to get awestruck myself. This Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is a festive gift to the people of Britain by the city of Oslo, Norway.


I wish to see those decorations go up and the Christmas Lights switch on in Oxford, Bond Street, Sloane Square and Regent Street.


It is the best time to taste the traditional mulled wine that is very popular in UK during this time of the year.


Who wouldn’t want to take a spin around one of London’s best ice skating rinks?


I have always wanted to see the New Year fireworks on river Thames.


LONDON, 2016
Let us travel to London


I will go sightseeing when the snow turns the city into a fairy-land.


It is quite an affordable and inexpensive time too to be in London. We can get more for the rupee, see the exchange rate gains (1 GBP = INR 100 earlier this year and now 1 GBP = INR 82).


To smell and indulge in the puddings and the cakes.


To attend one of those lavish Christmas parties where there is lots of lights, live music, DJs, tons of food, drinks and plenty of entertainment


To make the most of the festive season offerings given by British Airways. They are giving exclusive offers especially designed for the international customers (non-UK residents only). There is a range of discounts with some of the UK’s most prestigious heritage brands.


If you have your own special reasons to visit London, don’t forget to add them.


Reasons to celebrate Christmas in London


Happy Traveling!!!

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